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Bye-Bye Shame! How to Love Your Beauty Experience

I recently had the opportunity to introduce Energy Profiling to Dr. Christiane Northrup.

I was thrilled when she shared with me that knowing her Energy Type has been life-changing because it’s given her more permission to be who she is.

This is saying a lot from one of the world’s most recognized women doctors! Also from someone who has been dedicated to personal growth and enlightenment for several decades.

She shared with me that she’s always loved brightly colored clothes, glitter and sparkles. This is so true to her upward, light Energy Type and nature!

Both Dr. Northrup and I feel women have shamed themselves and compromised their perception of their bodies and appearance for way too long. We both want to continue to help women love themselves and their bodies. That’s why Dr. Northrup writes her groundbreaking books, and why I created Dressing Your Truth, an online personal makeover system that Dr. Northrup personally went through.

Like Dr. Northrup’s products, which support women in loving who they are at every age they reach, Dressing Your Truth supports women in loving and accepting who they are. Women are living true to their natural gifts and talents and look amazing while they’re doing it!

If you want practical and authentic solutions to honoring your true beauty and loving who you are, I invite you to experience my Free Energy Profiling course for an introduction to the 4 Types of Women.

I believe it will be just as life-changing for you as it has been for Dr. Northrup.

It’s time to rediscover the real you. (Hint: she’s beautiful.)


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