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Hair Feeling a Little Oily? Dry Shampoo for the Win!

Go longer between washes while still having fresh looking hair!

Is your hair feeling a bit heavy and oily, but you just need one more day before you can wash it?

Dry shampoo for the win! Expert hairstylist Nicole shows you how to use this dry powder spray to absorb the oil, lift your roots, and help you gain more time before your next wash!

(00:12) No worries, this is a dry powder so no water necessary!

(00:26) Tips for how and where to use it.

(01:29) How it can be a boost for those with fine thin hair!

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Video Transcript:

– [Woman 1] Dry shampoo is so awesome. I love it because this product is going to allow you to go one more day before having to shampoo again, which is great. Now, it’s a little disconcerting because it says dry shampoo. You’re not actually shampooing. What it is is it’s a dry powder that you put in at your roots to help soak up the oil and then go one more day before having to actually cleanse your hair.

Let me show you how to use it. You’re going to feel through and see where your oily spots are. Most of the time it’s in your bangs, near your face, in the top crown area of your head. Pat off the hair until you see a little bit of skin there and spray it right at the roots, then you’re going to massage it in until you feel it dry up a little bit.

I’m going to come through over here. Right now I have third-day hair, so I’m going on four days. So, dry shampoo is excellent for this. It sounds really loud when it goes on your head, but it smells really yummy. I like that it smells fresh rather than has that alcohol scent that other dry shampoos I’ve used half and just really light in the hair.

It doesn’t weigh the hair down at all. And as you massage it through, your hair’s going to get bigger, obviously. You can kind of see that I have some natural volume here and which is great because it brings me to my next point that this product is really great for fine textures of hair. Because fine texture has a tendency to fall even after you’ve used volumizing products, well, this is going to be great for you because it’ll allow your roots to hold to that light powder and then look fresh and revived.

All textures of hair can use it too because they can use it on day one or day three. Day one for extra volume or day three just to get into the next day before you can finally wash it. So, you have lots of options of when to use the product. So, I’ll just kind of finish this up and just soften this out a little bit. But now, it doesn’t feel so oily.

It feels lighter and my hair can bounce up, which I really love. Isn’t this product so cool? You have to try some today. And remember as a lifestyle member, you get to use your coupon code, which is 20% off any hair product purchase. And the code is happy hair. Grab your purse, click on the link below, and see how easy it is for you to have your happy hair day.

Because really, any day I don’t have to wash my hair is definitely a happy hair day. See you. – [Woman 2] Did you like this video? I invite you to share it with a friend and your friend will be thanking you for helping change their life for the better. It’s easy.

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