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Need a Boost? The 4 Best Energizing Colors

How colors & emotions are related

We know the power of words when we hear a motivating speech or moving poem. We recognize the power of images when something shocking or provoking is in front of us. But we don’t always realize the impact of color in our lives.

Just like words and images, color creates a powerful response in our brains. Marketers have used color for decades to help trigger their audiences to feel certain ways about a brand, environment, or product.

Color is an important element in Dressing Your Truth. Prior to discovering your Type, you may have thought certain colors were off-limits. “I can’t wear yellows.” or “I don’t look good in green.” But because of DYT, you now know that every Type can wear all the colors of the rainbow—it just has to be the correct version of that color! (Want to know the fastest way to choose the correct colors? Get the Style Kit!)

You’re most likely drawn to certain colors because you feel great in them. Now let’s expand that! It’s a good idea to understand how colors impact your energy level and emotions. This blog will dive into how you can use color to provoke responses and balance your chakras.

How are Colors and Emotions Connected?

We are responsive beings who react to the world around us. Smells, sounds, and sights trigger our memories, subconscious thoughts, and energy vibrations. Color is closely tied to our emotions. Here are some examples of colors that typically cause certain feelings:

Anger is often shown with a bright, fiery red. But, sometimes true rage can best be represented by the color black. Black often provokes feelings of sophistication, strength, or intrigue. Blue is often a stable and trustworthy color. White is considered pure and powerful.

Warm color combinations (red, orange, and yellow) will often cause feelings of optimism and happiness. Sometimes we use these colors for warnings (like yield signs, stop signs, or construction cones). These are often the colors most likely to spark us to action.

On the flip side, the cool colors (blue, green, and purple) are calming and soothing. You might consider lilac a soothing color for sleep. Many people choose a sweet baby blue or soft green as a relaxing color in a baby’s room. Neutrals (like white, stone grey, or tan) can also make you feel calm.

The brighter and lighter the color, the happier you are likely to feel. Colors that are mixed with brown (like mustard yellow or brick red) are likely to make you feel comfortable and grounded. Bright colors are often more childlike because of the high energy they hold. Sad colors are usually associated with muted greys, blues, and greens.

Bold colors will often make you feel passionate and creative. Soft colors (like pastels) tend to have a gentle and sweet effect on the psyche.

Energetic Colors to Boost Your Mood

If you are feeling low or want an extra boost in your daily routine, you should surround yourself with motivating colors. Strong, bright colors—like jewel tones and neons—can have a very powerful effect on your energy level. You can choose these colors for your clothing, room décor, and accessories to help you surround yourself with motivating visuals that impact your subconscious.


The color of passion and action, you might notice that many fast food places use the color red. Why? Because red helps motivate people to act faster and makes them feel less like sitting around. It has been shown to increase your appetite. Red is also used for sports teams. It is the color of love, passion, and anger.

This stimulating color can help you find self-confidence and become more outgoing.

You may need to incorporate red if:

  • You feel a lack of passion or motivation
  • Things feel mundane or boring
  • You feel overlooked or lost in the shuffle
  • You want to increase your desire to act
  • You have a big goal you want to accomplish

Choose the best red for your Type:

How to use red:

Wear a red sweater or red pair of shoes to a group meeting. Choose a floral print that appeals to you with red flowers. Try a shade of bright red lipstick that works well with your skin tone. If you aren’t ready for that much red in your life, try adding in red with an accessory: a red scarf around your neck, a red handbag, or adding red to your eyewear frames. If you need an even simpler place to start, purchase a bouquet of pretty red flowers on your desk or kitchen table. Keep your Style Kit in your purse or car to make it easy when you go shopping.

Remind yourself when you see the color that you are driven and passionate. Allow your energy to pull from the feelings you get from seeing this color.


The color of creativity and uniqueness, orange is another color that provokes motivation and drive. This color typically has a friendly and enthusiastic feel. There is a reason orange is the color associated with the sacral chakra—it is a powerful color that closely aligns with your urges, desires, creativity, and emotions.

You may need to incorporate orange if:

  • You are struggling to feel creative
  • You feel trapped in a box or rut
  • You want to feel unique and stand out
  • You don’t feel passionate about things you love
  • Work is draining or taxing

Choose the best orange for your Type:

How to use it:

Using orange in your kitchen or home office can give you that extra spark of creativity and positive vibes when you need it most. Orange can be a brilliant color in floral arrangements. You can even fill a bowl with oranges to achieve a simple, cost-effective, and practical décor item that feels inviting. Amber jewelry is a favorite accessory for people who crave the warmth and comfort orange adds to their life.


Beautiful yellow reminds us of the warmth and energy we get from the sun. This is the color of bright ideas, positivity, and promise. Post-it notes were first created in yellow for a reason! Yellow will catch your eye with an uplifting assumption. It is a happy, cheerful color that many of us take for granted.

You may need to incorporate yellow if:

  • You are experiencing low moods or depression
  • You have experienced a sad or difficult event
  • You feel lonely or want to increase your friendships
  • You feel groggy or sleepy despite getting enough sleep
  • It’s wintertime and the short/cold days are getting to you

Choose the best yellow for your Type:

How to use yellow:

Pick out a brilliant yellow shirt, skirt, or sweater to wear. Make sure the yellow you pick works well for your Type.

Sunflowers, daffodils, or buttercups in artwork or real life can bring a spark of beautiful yellow into any space. Yellow jewelry with citrine stones is another great way to incorporate this color into your life.

For a more literal use of the color—go out and experience the sun. The warmth and power of a sunny day can help boost your energy level after just 15 minutes of exposure.


The lighter and brighter colors of green are the ones that will make you feel energetic and growth-minded. Green represents newness and potential. Darker greens represent security and self-reliance. Softer colors of green are used to show rebirth and represent freshness.

You may need to incorporate green if:

  • You want to grow or mature
  • You are making a big change
  • You want people to see you as trustworthy
  • You feel connected to nature
  • You are struggling to feel grounded

Choose the best green for your Type:

How to use:

If you’ve never tried potted plants, now might be the perfect time to get one for your home. Choose something that is easy to care for and difficult to kill, like succulents or a spider plant. Green is also a fantastic color to wear that looks good on everyone and doesn’t feel too shocking to most introverts. Try mixing a green shirt under a jacket or sweater if you want to tone it down a bit for a practical office look. Green gemstones, like jade and emeralds, make beautiful accessories.

Colors and Feelings are Inextricably Linked

Colors can have a subjective impact on you as well. For example, you might associate blue with happy memories if you enjoyed cloud-watching as a kid or love blueberries. You could have bad memories associated with a specific color as well—perhaps you were wearing a certain color or in a room of a certain color when something bad happened to you. It’s important to notice how colors personally affect your energy level.

Colors that might make other people feel cheerful might make you feel anxious. Colors that make you feel happy might make someone else feel sleepy or irritated. Not only could past experiences cause this difference, but cultural norms can impact it as well. While black is typically considered a funeral color in Western countries, white is the color of death in Eastern countries.

How to Always Choose the Best Colors

Now that you know how colors and emotions align, you can choose which colors you need to improve your mood. The Style Kit will help you with this! Color is such an important part of DYT, and now you know how important it is for your overall well-being too. Let the Style Kit guide you every day as you live and dress your truth!

Get your Style Kit here!

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