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Energizing Summer Makeup Looks that Inspire — with New Colors for You!

Break out of the humdrum by taking a little time for yourself!

Whether staying home or venturing out, looking and feeling great starts with healthy self-care.

The quickest and easiest place to start is by reviving your morning routine. Give a few minutes to each of the 5 Components of Style that we teach in Dressing Your Truth. It doesn’t take long and the payoff is huge!

As one of the 5 Components of Style, a new makeup routine can be a simple and creative place to begin! Energize your day and your style with the new Dressing Your Truth summer makeup collections.

Watch the video for your Type of beauty as your DYT Expert walks you through a simple and vibrant new summer makeup look. Featuring new items and a few classic favorites.

Type 1, pump up the pop with Jaleah’s look that is anything but basic!

  • (00:54) Eyes, (4:37) Cheeks, (5:37) Lips

Type 2, own your day with Anne’s try-something-new look.

  • (2:03) Eyes, (10:40) Cheeks, (11:45) Lips

Type 3, feel light and fresh with Anna K’s natural put-together look.

  • (00:24) Cheeks, (1:09) Eyes, (4:32) Lips, (6:22) back to the Eyes

Type 4, invigorate your routine with Kalista’s look (plus something unexpected).

  • (00:38) Eyes, (10:14) Cheeks, (11:37) Lips

Try something new with your makeup this summer!

Shop the new summer makeup collections!



Type 1 makeup:

Type 2 makeup:

Type 3 makeup:

Type 4 makeup:

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