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Smooth & Firm with 3 Crepey-Eye Solutions

Have younger looking eyes with this is "miracle" product

Have you noticed eyeshadow collecting in your crease? Is eyeliner becoming a challenge? Are your deep-set eyes starting to feel more like hooded eyes?

Over time you can begin to lose the elasticity in your skin (especially if you haven’t followed proper skin care practices). This can cause more lines, texture, and “crepiness” to develop around our eyes.

Good news, it’s possible to turn back the clock to younger-looking eyes. Begin the restoration process with Carol’s de-aging process, and follow Anna K.’s 3 eye tips for a firmer and smoother-looking eye area.

  1. (00:43) Use this smoothing product to firm and stabilize. (1:06) Don’t overdo it, a little bit goes a long way. See the amazing results at 2:58.
  2. (3:30) This key step is often skipped to “save time”, but it is essential to a smooth and lasting eyeshadow application.
  3. (4:48) Knowing how and where to use the correct combo of shimmer, pearl, and matte eyeshadows will give you the understated beauty you love. Using them incorrectly will cause creasing and flacking, something you don’t want.

These 3 simple tips will increase your makeup confidence. The Instant Action Wrinkle Smoother is your key to a younger smoother-looking appearance. Complete your makeup foundation with Carol’s  7-step routine. 

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Video Transcript

As our skin matures, we have a lot of different issues that we have to deal with. All of a sudden we have deeper lines, we have texture, we have crepiness. And today, we’re gonna talk about how to conquer all of those with three easy steps.

All right. We’re just gonna get right into it, crepiness is the worst. When our skin starts to mature, our skin sort of loses its elasticity, it starts to sag a little bit. If you have a deep set eye like I do, all of a sudden you have a hooded eye and a deep set eye, all of these problems start to arise and it makes it like a hot mess. So, I have searched high and low to find a product that I love and I’m super, super excited to introduce it today. It is called Instant Action Wrinkle Smoother, this is life-changing. No, let me re-emphasize, life-changing and I will show you in just a minute how this fabulous product works.

First of all, I want to tell you that it comes in two tubes. They’re fairly small, but that’s okay because a little bit of this goes a very, very long way. Actually, if you use too much, you’re gonna notice sort of this white pasty film going around your eye and that’s not a good choice, so just a little bit. And it’ll take it a little bit of experimentation before you finally land on it.

One of the reasons that I love this product is because you can put other makeup on top of it. Now, this type of product is really popular right now out there, but there’s a lot of makeups like this that won’t allow you to put makeup on top, this one does. I’m just gonna jump right into it so you can see it, it’s so great.

So, this is one I don’t use a brush with, I just use my finger. And I’ll just put a teeny tiny little bit and I’m gonna show you how little that is right there. So I like to put it on the bottom first and then I put it on the top because less is more on the top. You really want to kind of keep this a lighter application here. So, I’m just gonna apply here and I do a tapping motion like this and you’ll feel that it’s wet. Just like that, and it goes all around there.

Now, you really do kind of want to do this sort of stippling effect because if you just wipe it on like that, you’re gonna see this kind of weird thing that happens. And I’m gonna put just a touch more and it’s about half of what I put on there, just because I feel like I have a little bit of problem areas, mine are right here and then I’m gonna just hit up here in this crepey area. Now, while this dries, don’t talk, so I’m gonna try not to talk while showing you.

Once it dries and you can fan it a little bit, that’s totally fine, you will see…and you can feel it. I can feel it, I can feel it working. You can see what it does. Do you see that difference? Do you see what just happened right here? It doesn’t feel stiff, it feels very natural. It just has a little bit of firmness, it’s like all of a sudden you’ve got your 20-year-old skin back. I just love it, I just think, yes, well…

Now you’ve seen it and love it too, and you should try it immediately. Go straight and just buy five of them because that’s what I did because I’m like, “Oh, a good thing.” Anyway, the next step I have for you is primer. Oftentimes, we skip the primer because we think it’s adding an extra layer or it’s falling into our crepiness. What the primer will do for you is it will help your shadow to stay on that much better.

And I like our eye and lip primer, looks like this. This one is really great for the eye and a little bit goes a very, very long way. I use a concealer brush and I’m just gonna put some on there so you can see how much I’m actually not using. It’s not a lot, it really is just a little bit. But these little tips and tricks add so much more in the end. So I’m just gonna go ahead and apply it here.

And what this does is it evens out your skin tone. And now that that’s all nice and dry, it just helps that get to a perfect palette. And I’m just moving it around. It’s very, very, thin layer. But as you can see, the coloration on this side is gone where I’ve got some red and I’ve got some veins on this side. Another great reason to use primer is that as our skin ages, it starts to get a little bit more oily in that crease and the primer really does stop that oil. It absorbs the oil, it keeps your shadow in place where it should be.

So, my third tip is eye shadow choice. This is the type 312 eyeshadow palette, each type has their own. And each type also has matte shimmer and pearl shadows in it. So what you’re going to want to do is to use the shimmer and the pearls a little bit less. So stick to your mattes and your mattes will give that great foundation, it will give you the contouring that your eye needs to go into the socket and the shimmer just adds the touch of light. You just want the light to pick up so that your eyes brighten up a little bit and it’s not the main event or show. With crepiness, that shimmer and that type of pearl really does kind of tend to fall into that and kind of get stuck.

The first color I’m going to use is this light color and it’s just gonna go over the wash of my eye. I’m just gonna wash it over the whole lid. And I like the fluffy brush because it’s really kind of forgiving, it goes into all the right places that it needs to. Now with the same brush, I’m actually going to use the darker color. And for me, I’m gonna use this brown one right here.

And you want to start out little because you can always add. And I’m just gonna go right into my crease. And as you see, it just keeps it really soft. Now, this could be a quick daytime look or you can add more and have more of a dramatic evening look. And this can work for all different types and all the different colors as well. I’m just using a really simple basic everyday kind of wear. I’m gonna go a little bit darker because I like that look, reminding you to keep more towards the outside of the eye than the inside of the eye.

Then I’m gonna go in with my duo brush and I’m just gonna add a little bit of this gold shimmer right here. This is why this palette is so nice because you can jump around and get all the different colors. And then coming in here just a little bit, and this is where I’m adding my shimmer. Adding the shimmer adds a little bit of pop to the eye and brings in a little bit of interest. It also attracts the light a little bit, but it’s not the main feature. It’s not all the way up here, you don’t have, like, weird things falling in strange places, it really just kind of keeps it in check.

You can see from the natural eye, the one without anything to something where I have that it brings forward the eye. You can see, like, all of a sudden, you know, oh, she has these really colored, pretty brown eyes that are unusually beautiful. Yes. Thank you. And eye shadow does that, that’s what makes it so amazing.

These three tips will help you more confidently wear eye makeup, particularly, the Instant Action Wrinkle Smoother. I’m very excited about this product and I think you will love it. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. Go play.

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