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How to Decorate True to Your Energy: Type 1 Home Tour

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In my Energy Profiling system, I teach that the 4 Energy Types are expressed everywhere in our world.

Even in home decorating? Absolutely. In fact it’s common that once someone recognizes their dominant Energy Type, they see the same movement in design lines, textures, patterns and colors in their home decor.

Dressing Your Truth Type 1 Expert, Jaleah, invites you into her home to see how she’s honoring her upward, light movement in her home decor.

Plus you’ll see how she honors her husband’s more structured and precise Type 4 energy.

What do you notice about the feel of the Type 1 rooms in Jaleah’s home?

Do you have rooms decorated in a Type 1 style in your home?

Share in the comments!

Stay tuned, we will be touring Type 2 Expert Michelle’s home in May. Make sure to take my free Energy Profiling course to see if you express your Energy Type in your home decor.

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