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How to Profile Your Favorite Type 3 Celebrities

What's unique about these rich, dynamic celebrities?

Which of your favorite celebrities are Type 3—and how can you easily Type them?

In my Energy Profiling system, I teach the 4 Types of movement that show up everywhere in nature. Energy Profiling helps you understand people more quickly and have appropriate expectations based on their Energy Type. It even helps parents understand their children’s true natures better and create harmonious families!

Once you’ve been through my free Beginner’s Guide and discover your own Type, you want to know everyone else’s too—especially celebrities.

In this video, I show you some of the most obvious, and then other not-so-obvious, Type 3 celebrities!

Type 3 energy is a rich, dynamic, more intense energy. It pushes forward, creating action and reactions. It has a substantial quality to it, getting things done in the world. We see Type 3 movement in a person’s face with more angles, chiseled features, swift movements in eyes and brows, and deep/multiple smile lines.

What other celebrities do you think are Type 3? Go see if you’re right! I have a complete list in the Type 3 Celebrity Gallery here.

You can find Type 3 energy in these areas too:

Want more guided opportunities to learn about Facial Profiling?

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Find out if you’re the same Type as your favorite celebrity!

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