Live Health Q&A With Dr. Christiane Northrup

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“The moment we’re born, we start aging.”

I just love Dr. Northrup’s attitude about this!

And I agree with her: why do we act like turning 50 is so much different than being 49?

Dr. Northrup is a pioneer in the world of women’s health and she’s written the ultimate handbook on women’s health: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

In this episode of #CarolTuttleTV, you’ll find out Dr. Northrup’s Energy Type.

Plus you’ll get tips from her on many topics like prenatal vitamins and pregnancy, postpartum support, a solution for hot flashes and also insights into teens and mood swings.

I know you’ll enjoy hearing her wisdom!

Stay tuned for my 3-part series with Dr. Northrup where we discuss women’s health and how to create an amazing experience as we grow older.

We’ll also introduce you to a new resource that Dr. Northrup has been developing for the past 7 years. This product helps women eliminate the imbalances which cause so many unnecessary (and uncomfortable!) menopausal side effects.


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