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Typing Twins! Find Out if These Identical Twins Share the Same Energy Type

How similar are you and your twin?

Three sets of twins—how many of them share the same Energy Type? How common is that, anyway?

First, meet Karen and Sharon, identical twins who found validation in their unique selves after a lifetime of being compared to each other. Listen to how Energy Profiling gave them a sense of identity instead of taking on each other’s energy.

Then I welcome Jeanne-Marie and Colleen to the show. They share how Dressing Your Truth impacted their relationship by helping them find their true nature and allowing each other to be themselves.

And then Type 1 Annie gets insight about her twin sons. They’re mirrors of each other and she’s confident she knows their Types—did she get it right?

I closed the show by encouraging you to stick with the challenge of eliminating the word “struggle” from your life. We’re halfway through the year—how are you doing with that commitment?

What “aha” did you have watching today? Leave a comment below and share your takeaway from this show!

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