Sheryl Shares Her Stunning Home: Type 4 Home Tour

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It’s the last installment of our Dressing Your Truth home tours.

In this series, you’ve learned how the different design lines, textures, fabrications, patterns and colors are applied in our home decor.

These are the same 5 elements I teach you about in my Dressing Your Truth course. It’s been so fun to show you examples of these elements in home decorating.

Today we are touring Sheryl’s Type 4 home.

Her home really is stunning! And I love how Sheryl honors her husband’s Type 3 nature as she mixes Type 4 and Type 3 elements.

I think her living room is the feature that really stands out as the most beautiful part of her house.

Join us as I share tips about how to begin decorating your truth and honoring your own Energy Type along with the Types of the people in your home too.

Share in a comment your favorite part about Sheryl’s home. What have you learned in this series?

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