Want to See Inside Carol Tuttle’s Home? Type 3 Home Tour

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Moving forward on our Dressing Your Truth home tours!

Welcome to my home. I’m honored to invite you inside to see what my Type 3 decor looks like.

Throughout this series you can see how the different design lines, textures, fabrications, patters and colors are applied in our home decor.

These are the same 5 elements I teach you about in my Dressing Your Truth course.

I love surrounding myself with beautiful and substantial pieces.

Notice my rich, dynamic colors and textures, especially with all the rocks inside and out! You’ll see family heirlooms along with amazing artifacts I’ve curated from my world travels.

Did you notice the way I like to honor my Type 2 husband’s preferences in our home?

Plus, true to my Type 3 nature, I like to stay connected to the outdoors even when I’m inside. Check out the creative ways we’ve done that.

What’s your favorite part about my home? Share in the comments!

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Tour Jaleah’s Type 1 home.
Tour Michelle’s Type 2 home.

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