What To Do When A Friend Mis-Types Herself.  Find Out in this Beauty Panel Session

Have you ever wanted to ask Anne, Sheryl, Marcy, or Sarah a question about Energy Profiling or Dressing Your Truth?

Find out what women like you asked them in this fun Evening With Carol and the 4 Types Beauty Panel from March 2014. You’ll get their answers to great questions, such as:

  • How to dress as a Type 2 without looking matronly
  • How can Type 3s dress in a polished and professional way?
  • How a Type 1 can enjoy being on a tight budget with this one trick
  • What makes a Type 4 hue “icy”?
  • If I’m just starting out Dressing Your Truth, what clothing items should I get first?
  • What to do if you know someone is mis-Typing themselves
  • What having a “really strong secondary” could mean
  • How to feel more feminine as a Type 3 or Type 4
  • How to tell the difference between Type 2 and Type 4 movement

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