Communication That Creates a Life You Love – Evening With Carol

What you want to say matters. And today, I’ll help you say it more clearly!

This Evening With Carol recording will support you in speaking up, saying what’s important to you, and being heard—true to your Energy Type. When you watch, you’ll hear:

  • How to make your words match your Type’s communication style
  • Useful phrases when speaking to other Energy Types
  • Ways to communicate more positively with yourself
  • Answers to communication questions—from simple apologies to the cold shoulder to a tough custody battle

This recording is packed with phrases to try and a dozen live questions from all over the world. Watch now and you’ll get communication tools to love your life and relationships even more.


The After Show: Carol’s 3-Step Intervention to Prevent Contention

After the live broadcast, our cameras kept rolling on Facebook live. Watch for three easy steps that stop an intense argument in its tracks. See how you can regain composure in under a minute!

Thank you for watching. I’m here to support you!

Resources mentioned in this broadcast:

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