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Foundation: 4 New Coverage Options in the Color Perfect for You!

Getting your correct makeup foundation just got easier!

Are you experiencing foundation frustration? Let’s fix that!

With so many makeup foundation options online and in stores, it can be hard to know what to pick. My DYT Makeup Expert Anna K is here to join me in teaching you how to select the correct coverage that feels one with your skin, not cakey at all! (Hint 6:68: It has nothing to do with your age).

(1:28) Upgrade your foundation with 4 NEW options to choose from. We’ve made it even easier, simply select your correct color match (you only have to do this once!) and then pick the formula/coverage that you want in that color.

Your 4 Makeup Foundation Options:

  • (2:10) Studio Blend – breathable full-coverage matte that lasts 12 hours!
  • (3:50) Satin Finish – versatile medium-coverage with a dewy finish.
  • (5:16) BB Cream – hydrating light-coverage with higher SPF protection.
  • (8:39) Dual Blend Powder – can be used alone, but best to set your liquid choice.

AND, you can get this new Concealing Cream in your color too!

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Now you know how to select the correct choice for you!

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