Hairstyle Ideas for the Playful Type 1 Child Who Likes to Try New Things

Cute hairstyles you'll both love

Have a Type 1 child and want to know the best hairstyles to fit their random, high-movement, energy?

This is the first video in a brand new series of “Hairstyles for Each Type of Child.” You’ll see pictures for Type 1 boys and girls, tips about what to ask for at the salon, and how to style their hair at home in a way that embraces their true, spunky nature.

Fun-Loving Type 1 Child

Type 1 Energy: Upward, bright, light, cheery child. They love to have fun and try new things. They have the ability to connect and disconnect with the world. They draw people to them and are often told, “What a happy child!”

That upward movement is what we want to focus on for the Type 1 hairstyles.

Hairstyle Keywords: Random and Light

(3:35) – Photos of Type 1 Boy Hairstyles

(6:00) – Photos of Type 1 Girl Hairstyles

If you’re making their hair an issue or a challenge, they’ll resist you.

Let them pick a hairstyle and have fun with it!

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