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6 Ways to Develop Your Own Sense of Style

How your personal style can help you become a more authentic YOU.

Think of the last time you dressed up and felt amazing. Now picture this: what if that was your experience every day? You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to express your sense of style with your fashion choices! Here are 6 tips to help you develop your sense of style every single day.

What is Personal Style?

Personal style is simply self-expression. It’s tuning in to who you truly are, and then expressing that through your style and fashion sense.

Personal style is about letting your inner light shine through, so your outward appearance matches who you are inside.

It is easy to follow what’s trendy or copy the looks of others you admire, such as celebrities or online influencers, but this can easily damage your self-worth.

When you copy someone else, it means you are expressing their inner self, not yours!

Why You Need to Develop A Personal Style

It signifies a considerable amount of self-knowledge and connection to your inner self.

It shows that you know what your message is to the world.

It reveals that you are confident and comfortable with who you are.

Now, this may sound wonderful, but many women aren’t sure how to develop their own style!

6 Ways To Develop Your Own Sense of Style

  1. Keep it simple. Start with one thing you feel drawn to. Maybe you love shoes and want to build an outfit around them. Maybe earrings are your staple. Start simple with good style choices and spread from there.
  2. Work with what you’ve got. Be happy with your cup A, your thin hair, the clothes in your closet, or your square shoulders. Then celebrate them as your assets! Think of celebrities who embrace their bodies, celebrate their unique qualities and then drop jaws from doing so.
  3. Accept your age. Don’t try to be a different age. Highlight the wisdom you’ve gained through the years. Let your clothes be a reflection of your age.
  4. Be courageous. Have the courage to let go of trends and beauty standards that don’t measure up to who you are.
  5. Have fun with it. Don’t take yourself seriously as you experiment with outfits that suit you and make you feel best.
  6. Dress your truth. My Dressing Your Truth system helps women discover which of the 4 Energy Types they are, and then how to dress according to their unique energy!

At the turn of the decade, women enjoyed sharing their #DecadeChallenge photos in our Facebook community. It was obvious that because of Dressing Your Truth, they look better than ever!

Christy Type 1 DecadeChallenge

“Age 27 and 37. I wore a lot of black and gray. I look so tired! Still brand new to my Type 1-ness but already feeling much better now! Thank you DYT!” -Christy, a Type 1 woman

These women look phenomenal. You can see the difference in their confidence!

Melissa Type 3 DecadeChallenge

“I had a young autistic son and was chronically exhausted. My colors weren’t too far from the Type 3 mark, but my hair….oy! 🤣 I didn’t know who I was back then. Just going through the motions of life (although I LOVE(D) being a mom!) Today, I feel like I bring my A-game. I know who I am and my gifts. I’m grateful!” -Melissa, a Type 3 woman

Start your free Beginner’s Guide today!

Questions to Ask Yourself When Developing Your Style

Whether you’re going into your closet to put together your next outfit or shopping for new clothes at the store, check-in with yourself:

  • Does this item reflect my values and personality?
  • Does this item match the guidelines of my Type of beauty?
  • Is it suitable for the environment I am exposed to daily?
  • Does it inspire me?
  • Will it work with my lifestyle?
  • Where will I wear it and how often?
  • Does it coordinate with at least 3-4 other pieces in my wardrobe?

Bottomline: this is about discovering YOU!

Finding your personal style isn’t just about looking great; it’s about discovering who you truly are and matching that up with your fashion choices.

Instead of asking yourself, “How do I become THEM?” ask yourself how to become YOU.

The perfect place to get started is to go through my free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide here! If you’ve already been through the free course, consider getting my customized style kit (aka style guide).

Already know your Type? Leave a comment below and share the biggest way that knowing your Type has helped you define your personal style for the 21st century!

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