How Each Energy Type Does “Ideas”

In my free Energy Profiling course, I teach that all 4 Types of people have a natural gift we share with the world. To help you better understand the gifts of the 4 Types, I’m launching a 4-part series that looks more closely at how each Type does their natural gift!

At times people can mistype themselves, since we all experience the function of each gift, even though it may not be our Type’s gift. For example in this video, we talk about how we all have ideas, so what makes ideas different for a Type 1 whose natural gift is ideas.

Watch and learn how your Type does ideas, and look forward to three more videos where we talk about details, to-do lists, and perfecting our world.

Anybody can have a good idea!

Your Energy Type shows up in the way your ideas express and what purpose they serve to you. If you’re a Type 1, the idea itself has value and you feel rewarded simply by the experience.

But it’s not that way for the other Energy Types. Listen as each Type of woman talks about how ideas show up for her and what she does next. How do you experience ideas? Share in the comments!


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