5 Ways I’ve Reversed the Aging Process

Simple ways to stop aging yourself so fast

How would it feel for someone to look at you and say:

“Wow, you look younger than ever.”

“You’re aging in reverse!”

“You’re de-aging yourself!”

I know what this feels like because these are comments I hear quite often from women in my community.

First of all, thank you for these compliments. But this didn’t happen by accident. I’ve been very intentional about taking care of myself, while learning about my body and my skin.

The thing is, I have nothing against aging. I’m just a believer in the body’s healing potential—especially the rejuvenation process. And that’s exactly what I talk about in this video:

5 Top Things I’ve Changed to Reclaim My Vitality & Health

(2:05) – 1. Dressing Your Truth. You may not even realize how wearing the incorrect colors, fabrications, and styles age you—but they do!

(5:26) – 2. Skin Health: I learned about what makes my skin healthy and how to give it what it needs.

(6:34) – 3. Beliefs About Aging: Find out how our cultural beliefs affect our physical aging process.

(9:20) – 4. Diet: I share how dietary changes made a profound difference to my overall health and wellness.

(11:45) 5. Hairstyle: You’ll be amazed at how the right hairstyle will take years off your appearance!

Look at that list and check-in with yourself: how many of those changes are you currently doing? Whether it’s one or all of them, I want to support you.

Your journey of “aging in reverse” begins here.

In the Healing Center I created the Healing Plan for Anti-Aging. This is a brand new offering that you won’t find anywhere else online. It’s powerful, uncovering beliefs and programs you’ve been carrying about getting older. As you let them go, you reverse the aging process easily and gracefully.

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