How the 4 Energy Types Express in Men’s Hands

We often take our hands for granted because we use them for everything. Hands have been used for centuries to tell our futures and give hints about our present. People can sometimes tell quite a bit about your profession or personality by looking at your hands.

We’ve looked before about what the four Energy Types mean in the hands of women. For this blog post, we are going to focus on the men’s hands! How does your Energy Type impact your hand shape? Keep reading to find out more.

What Do Your Hands Say About You?

Hands are often used to represent receiving good things and making sacrifice in the scriptures. Our hands are how we literally take, give and receive gifts of all kinds. Hands can also be used for abuse and harm.

Science has broken down the shapes of the hand and says there are some common characteristics that can be read from the hand:

  • The thumb represents a deep desire to succeed in your professional life.
  • The index (first) finger represents your commitment to power and strength of character.
  • The middle finger shows your confidence, responsibility, growth and wisdom.
  • The ring finger displays your level of artistry, creativity and self-expression.
  • The little finger correlates to your interactions and communication skills.

Look at the fingers on your dominant hand. The ones that are straight are your strongest traits. If you have fingers that are bent, bowed, lumpy or disfigured, then those are where you tend to struggle more. Nail tips can show another level of detail about you:

  • Rounded fingertips show you want to be at peace with others and fear disproval.
  • Square or flat nail tips show you are precise and dislike uncertainty.
  • Fingers with shovel-shaped or broad nail tips show a distinct desire for ingenuity.
  • Sharp nail tips say you dislike practical activities and prefer esoteric/unusual ones.

While rough hands are often associated with hard labor, smooth hands tend to belong to those who perform light labor, have desk jobs or don’t work. Age will also change the appearance of your hands, enlarging the knuckles, distorting the finger shapes and changing the skin to a paper-thin covering.

When we give a handshake, we often read a bit more about the person we are meeting—just like we read things at first sight based on their style choices. A firm handshake shows confidence, while a soft handshake could show weakness, distraction, insecurity or laziness.

Hands are so interesting, aren’t they? Let’s look at how your Energy Type impacts your hands as well!

How Do Energy Types Affect Hands?

Our Energy Type impacts everything—even how we look! In my style guides, I explain how important it is to know your Energy Type and dress accordingly. Different Types are better suited for different kinds of haircuts, color palettes and clothing types.

Knowing your hand’s shape will help you learn more about your Energy Type. Some find that their hand isn’t in keeping with their typical Type, which provides insights into some characteristics they have that aren’t fully in line with their Type.

You can also use this guide to learn more about the men in your life. If you learn the Types, you could use my guide to know who you’re dealing with in the future (just look at their hands, and you’ll know some basic traits!).

Type 1

Type 1 men are typically upbeat, positive and optimistic. They have a light energy and tend to seek out things that will make them happy. These will be your idea men! If you have a Type 1 in your life, you have probably heard idea after idea but know many of them will fall through.

As well-intentioned as these men might be, most Type 1s find it hard to follow through on their wild ideas. They are often a bit silly and immature. Their energy goes up and down a lot, and their bubble may pop without warning.

The hands of a Type 1 man are upward and light in their shapes. They have bright skin, and you will notice circles in the shapes of the hand. Usually, there is a pronounced large circular knuckle in the hand and circular nailbeds.

The Type 1 man will talk with his hands a lot. The fingers of the hand are usually shorter and chubbier—giving the hand a youthful quality.

Type 2

Type 2 men are fluid and usually pretty relaxed. These men are more of a go-with-the-flow Type. A Type 2 man is typically going to be more sensitive to the needs of others and empathetic than other Types. They tend to get worried about things and may get frustrated if they feel unheard.

Finding comfort is what drives the Type 2 man, perhaps more than anything else. However, comfort isn’t just in their surroundings or financial status—the Type 2 man wants peaceful relationships and a small circle of people who understand him.

The hands of a Type 2 man are smooth with very few veins or noticeable discoloration. The fingers on the hand are long and smoothly tapered. They will typically start wide at the base and gradually change to a smaller tip with no dramatic changes at the knuckles.

Just like the personality, Type 2 hands tend to be fluid, flowing and smooth. Men with Type 2 hands tend to use them more gracefully, like a musician or artist.

Type 3

If you have any Type 3 men in your life, then you may notice them as they move forward with a push. Type 3s are very active and have a hard time sitting still for any length of time. A Type 3 is extremely focused on results above all else. In fact, this Type is so concerned about getting a result that they are likely to walk on many toes in the process.

The Type 3 often struggles with empathy and patience, especially for those who are standing in their way. They need physical outlets to release pent-up energy. You will find the Type 3 man is a highly determined, persistent and passionate person.

The hands of a Type 3 man are typically very angular and textured. Most Type 3 men are very hands-on, often taking on hard jobs and finding value in manual labor. Their skin is naturally textured but often becomes more so when exposed to heavy lifting, sun exposure and the friction of repetitive work.

They have a very active/reactive kind of energy that is full of swift movement in their hand gestures. The Type 4 hand is jagged and asymmetrical/irregular. You will likely notice larger knuckles at all junctures with pronounced veins.

Type 4

A Type 4 man is a consistent and reliable asset in your life. If you know any Type 4 men, then you will love them for their dependability and dedication to respect above all else. Most Type 4 men are straightforward and don’t like beating around the bush if there is an issue that needs to be handled.

This Energy Type tends to look for perfection in all things and commonly offers ways to make something better. They tend to be a bit critical because of their perfectionist nature. They may get reclusive if they feel overly stressed or disrespected.

The hands of a Type 4 man are straight, balanced and symmetrical. These hands are full of straight lines, including the fingers and nail beds. The skin is often very smooth, taking on the quality of porcelain on the back of the hand.

You will notice the Type 4 man tends to have more poise than the other Types. They are somewhat slow to react and won’t use their hands very much when talking. Their fingers and hand have a lengthened shape. Their nails tend to be flat or even cave in (convex).

Learn More About Your Energy Type

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These two tools will get you started on the right path to learn more! Take a deep dive into who you are as a person. Getting to know your Energy Type will help you find confidence and be your very best self.

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