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3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Know Your Secondary

How you'll live more fully when you know your secondary Type

“Is knowing my secondary Type that important?”

Yes, it is!

Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth are profoundly life-changing systems I created to help you learn about your deepest nature and put together a personal style that you love. There are 4 Energy Types, and every person in the world expresses a dominant Type.

We also have a secondary Type, which acts as a support to your dominant and helps you live more fully.

Before we get started, I have a tip for you: Don’t assess your dominant and secondary Type at the same time! This will create a lot of confusion for you.

I always recommend that you get confident about your dominant Energy Type first, and then focus on your secondary!

Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Know Your Secondary Type:

(1:46) – #1: You don’t want to be living in your secondary! It’s a default, safe place for almost everyone before they learn about their dominant Type.

(4:07) – #2: It will support you in accessing particular gifts and traits from your dominant Type in a very unique way.

(5:26) – #3: It helps you personalize your Dressing Your Truth style! Without knowing your secondary, everyone would just look like a cookie-cutter copy of that Type.

Now that you know the top 3 reasons, make sure you watch the next video in this series: The Easiest Way to Determine Your Secondary.

How has knowing your Secondary Type supported you?

Leave a comment below sharing how! I love reading all of your experiences, and I know other women will benefit from it as well.

If you don’t yet know your dominant Type, I invite you to go through my FREE Beginner’s Guide and check out my book, It’s Just My Nature!

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