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The Way You Drive & What It Says About You

Did you know that the way you drive actually says a lot about who you are?

There are four main ways that most people drive. How do I know this? Because there are 4 different Energy Types!

Energy Profiling is a system that teaches people the 4 Types of nature. Everything in our world leads with one of those Types, even flowers and pets!

Our day-to-day tendencies tell us a lot about who we are, and a great place to see your true nature is in your driving habits!

Which of these 4 driving styles do you express on a regular basis?

Type 1 – The Fun & Animated Driver

Type 1 people have a more random and spontaneous nature. They are known to be light-hearted, adaptable, and cheery people who lighten our mood.

It’s always an engaging experience when you have a Type 1 in the car! Due to their more random and social nature, a Type 1 person needs to be mindful of keeping their attention on the road, especially if they’re talking on the phone or to another person in the car. Type 1 moms can get distracted when interacting with their kids, so they need to make sure there is not too much going on.

Type 1’s are the most likely to get a ticket than the other 3 Energy Types! They’re also known for taking their hands off the wheel as they sing to music or talk with their hands.

I was recently driving down the freeway when I looked over at the car next to me, and for a few brief seconds, the Type 1 driver had both hands off the wheel, waving them in the air while chatting on their phone! Uh-oh, not a good idea!

Tip for Type 1 drivers:

  • You like variety, so take different routes to the same place to mix it up.

Type 2 – The Soft & Subtle Driver

Type 2 people have a more subdued and gentle nature, and they enjoy the quiet time driving can bring. They like to use this time to think or re-energize without the radio on.

They prefer to have a thoughtful plan of where they’re going before they get in the car, and they can sometimes feel the pressure of traffic to merge or turn.

An interesting and unexpected thing about many Type 2 people and their driving habits is that they like to go fast! You might not think this about Type 2 people, but it’s because they enjoy the swerving and s-curves that are made in a zooming vehicle.

My Type 2 son owns a very fast car, and Type 2 Expert, Anne, actually had her license suspended for a few months for too many speeding tickets! (Good thing she was leaving to live in a foreign country for a period of time, so it didn’t stop her from getting around.)

Tip for Type 2 drivers:

  • Go at your own pace and let driving be a relaxing experience for you.

Type 3 – The Active & Determined Driver

Type 3 people are swift and practical. They like to get somewhere quickly and get things done along the way.

As a Type 3, I’m guilty of multi-tasking in my car. I attend business meetings on my phone, finish up my makeup at the stop lights, listen to podcasts and books rather than music. I want to make my driving time count toward getting something done!

Type 3 people tend to be busy, and truth be told, they usually don’t give themselves enough time to get somewhere on time. They also tailgate more than any other Energy Type!

Tip for Type 3 drivers:

Type 4 – The Exact & Precise Driver

Type 4 people are rule-oriented and have a gift of perfecting the world around them. They tend to be the best drivers on the road, adhering to speed limits, merging etiquette, etc. They are conscious of gas mileage and are known for taking care of their cars the best.

My Type 4 son is an excellent driver. He knows he has better driving skills and knowledge of the rules of the road than most other drivers. He makes sure to not let this become a frustration that people don’t drive by all the rules.

Tip for Type 4 drivers:

  • Avoid backseat driving and just use your gifts in full awareness that not everyone is like you!

Now it’s your turn!

Based on what you’ve learned, what Type of driver are you?

I invite you to take my free Before & After course to discover your Energy Type you to learn more about the countless ways you express it in your life!

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