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How to Choose Flattering Clothes & Stop Saying, “Does this Make Me Look Fat?”

If you’re like most women, you want to look slimmer, thinner, and healthier.

But you’ve heard yourself say it, you’ve heard your girlfriends say it, and growing up you probably even heard your mom say it:

“Does this make me look fat?”

This question comes up often because women often choose clothes that are incorrect for them! You pick outfits and items simply because you feel you “should” buy them, you don’t know what else to buy, you’re talked into it, only to end up feeling dissatisfied, frumpy, and uncomfortable with what’s in your closet.

Black becomes your go-to choice because you’ve been told that black is slimming and that it works for everyone. But it doesn’t.

In my observation of why women say this, I’ve come to realize it’s because we’re putting the wrong clothes on our body, and it comes down to more than color!

Here are 5 clothing choices that can make you look heavier than you are:

  1. The wrong color
  2. The wrong design lines
  3. The wrong fabrication
  4. The wrong patterns
  5. The wrong textures

If you’re not wearing the right design line, texture, fabrication, or pattern that honors your natural movement and beauty, you will look heavier than you really are!

For example, you might be a bright & animated woman who looks harsh in bold colors and straight design lines.

Or you might be a soft & subtle woman who has been trying to make herself more “extroverted” with fun patterns.

What if you’re a rich & dynamic woman who actually looks frumpy in soft textures and flowy fabrics.

If you’re a bold & stunning woman, you may have chosen clothing that gives people the wrong impression about who you are.

But how do you know which ones will work best for you?

I’m so glad you asked!

This isn’t just about choosing clothes that make you look thinner.

If I told you about a powerful system that allowed your whole body to look (and feel) beautiful and flattered, would you want to know what it was?

When you discover your Type of beauty in my free Dressing Your Truth Before & After course, you’ll learn all the tools you need to dress for your Energy Type.

Knowing the 5 elements of dressing that are right for you will make shopping and dressing simple—and fun! I have taught this formula to thousands of women and I want to teach it you!

We guide you through a Before & After that brings you confidence for the rest of your life.

Start your free Before & After!


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