How to Get Your Makeup to Stay on All Day

Save time and makeup (money) with the power of primer!

You’re missing an important step in your makeup routine if you’re not using makeup primers.

Ever feel like it’s not worth putting on makeup every morning because it eventually wears off halfway through the day? You don’t want your effort to be that short-lived! This 1 step will help your makeup stay on all day so you can stretch your makeup (and money) even more!

Makeup dissipates as the day goes on. Using primer can smooth the look of your skin, help keep it moist, and keep your makeup in place all day!

Don’t worry, this won’t feel like an extra layer on your face. These feather-weight primers reduce the amount of makeup needed to get the coverage and color you want with a smooth light finish. 

Watch as Anna K demonstrates the difference primer makes with a half-face side-by-side comparison. She’ll start with the primers and then apply a full-face makeup look so that you can see how effective the primers are. You’ll be surprised by how fast and easy this important step is. 

Primers first!

Now for the makeup!

  • (5:32) Foundation and Blush 
  • (8:10) Eyes 
  • (13:06) Lips

You and your makeup will look as fresh in the evening as you did this morning when you start with these simple to use makeup primers. 

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