Eyeshadow Brush Basics – Easy Tips to Remember How to Do it Right!

Brush up on your brush skills with Anna K's expert tips!

“So many brushes, so much confusion! Help!”

With all the different brushes to choose from, it can be confusing to know which to buy and how to use them correctly. No worries! Anna K is here to fill you in with her pro tips for knowing the right tool for the job. She’ll take you back to basics with her 6 favorite eyeshadow brushes and these simple and easy-to-learn techniques.

Get out your brushes and shadow palette and follow along with this simple-step process!

But wait, if you want these colors to stay on all day (and who doesn’t?) apply Eye Primer before adding a single color!

  1. (0:24) Large Shadow Brush – Set the stage.
  2. (1:54) Angled Shadow Brush – Follow the shape.
  3. (3:17) Crease Brush – It’s all in the name.
  4. (5:11) Blender Brush – Your new best friend.
  5. (7:34) Firm Shadow Brush – Control your colors.
  6. (9:04) Duo Detail Brush – So many uses.

Bouns! Eyelash Definer – Take your lash look to the next level!

We’ve searched for the best brushes so that you can have an easy and enjoyable makeup experience. Now that makeup is a breeze, have more fun knowing you look as fabulous as you feel!

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