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How to Look Great On Zoom – Tips for Every Type

(Secret: It's about more than angles & great lighting)

We can all agree that we’ve been spending a lot more time on Zoom and Facetime these days.

Many of us are working from home, joining group meetings, or perhaps connecting with friends and family this way.

But most people admit to feeling self-conscious on camera once they start their video. Are you one of these people?

I know the best way to help you not feel like this anymore! But it might not be what you expect. It’s not about camera positioning or lighting—you can already find plenty of advice out there about those topics. But what I teach is something very different.

How to look great on Zoom true to your Type.

In the world of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I teach that there are 4 Types of people in the world. Once you discover which one you are, I show you how to dress and style yourself in a way that complements the natural movement of your face and body.

It makes such a difference on video calls!

When you have a style that helps you look put together, attendees see you first. This is what Dressing Your Truth does best: it helps others see the woman first, and the clothes second. It helps you exude confidence and authenticity both to yourself and to those you interact with.

Let’s talk about a tip for each Type on Zoom calls:

(0:22) – Watch how I transform my look with simple accessories and jewelry. I feel way better after I put them on!

(2:54) – A secret accessory that I have a bunch of! They’re minimally priced, and they add interest and character to my look.

(5:28) – Type 1: The Bright, Animated Woman – See how she incorporates pop, animation, and Type 1 tints to bring forward her buoyant movement.

(7:43) – Type 2: The Soft, Subtle Woman – She went with larger earrings and darker eye makeup so she would stand out more than the clothes.

(9:25) – Type 3: The Rich, Dynamic Woman – Definitely go with either a substantial necklace or earrings, while toning down any patterns in your clothing.

(11:16) – Type 4: The Bold, Striking Woman – A clean background of white will help you stand out, especially if you’re wearing black or a monochromatic look. Don’t forget the bold lip color!

Afraid it’ll be “too much” if you follow these tips?

Think again! In this medium of video, the things you think are “too much” may actually be perfect for you!

If you already know your Type, share a tip in the comments that have helped you feel confident and incredible on Zoom calls. If you don’t know your Type yet, it’s easy to do so right now! Just click the button below and get started. It’s free!

Start your free Beginner’s Guide here!

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