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How to Lose Weight by Changing Your Clothes

Plus, my tips to avoid holiday weight gain!

Dressing Your Truth is so much more than a style system. Today’s guests prove it’s a total life transformation.

#EnergyProfilingWithCarol is a fast-paced, interactive show where I teach the process of discovering your Energy Type. This week, we’re focusing on how Dressing Your Truth has not only helped women to create their own style but also to lose weight.

First, I talk to my guest, Tanie. As a Type 3 woman, being active is very important to her. Understanding her Energy Type validated the need she had to give herself time at the gym. Tanie also explains that she is able to listen to her body more now that she dresses it true to her Type of Beauty.

True to her Type 3 nature, at the 12-minute mark of the video, Tanie shares a very pro-active weight-loss tip!

Later, my second guest Olivia, a soft and subtle Type 2 woman, shares that when she discovered Dressing Your Truth, she was excited to have a personal style. That excitement served as a springboard to not only create a style she loved but also create a body that she loved to dress!

At the 27-minute mark, Olivia shares a weight-loss tip that’s all about the details. As Type 2 woman, it works for her!

Here are my tips to avoid weight gain during the holidays:

  • Use a small plate
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Workout the morning of your holiday party
  • Be selective with your favorites, ask yourself “Is it worth it?”

Watch the full episode for more details on these tips!

Have you lost weight since discovering Dressing Your Truth? How has understanding your Type of Energy helped you create a healthier lifestyle? Inspire others! Share your thoughts in the comments!

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