How to Pick Fabulous Clothes That Get You the Best Compliments

Who’s really getting the fashion compliments—you or your clothes?

If you’re like most women, you agree: it feels great to get a compliment on how you look.

Start to pay attention to the compliments you receive. Do they sound like this?

“I love your jacket!”
“That is a great purse you have.”
“Your shoes are so cute.”
“Where did you get your shirt? I love it!”

Consider the possibility that when someone compliments you in this way, they see your clothes and accessories—not you!

Want to be seen for your true beauty and hear these compliments instead?

“You look amazing!”
“What have you done differently? You’ve never looked so good.”
“Wow, you look so alive and vibrant.”
“You are so beautiful!”

You see, our fashion world teaches a woman to put beauty on.

The fashion industry is based on ever-changing trends meant to keep you on your toes. You find yourself trying to copy the fashion models and make their clothes work for you.

But the truth is, the same clothes don’t look good on all woman.

This leaves you frustrated, feeling old and out of style before your time. You just want to give up because you believe YOU (or your age, weight, etc.) are the reason you don’t look good.

The problem is not YOU. The problem is not knowing what styles are best for your Type of beauty.

In my work with thousands of women, I have learned it’s the nature of the feminine to want to express her natural beauty, to adorn her beauty with love and honor.

When a woman becomes her own beauty expert, her true feminine power is activated to its highest honor.

Michelle showing her before and after outfits

Look at this Before & After of Michelle. She’s a bright and animated Type 1 woman whose true beauty comes alive when she dresses in light and fresh clothes. Look how her features shine now that she’s learned how to dress for her Type of beauty.

I invite you to take my free Dressing Your Truth Before & After course to help you discover your Type of beauty. You’ll learn the tools you need to easily put together outfits that will get you the best compliments.

When you look good and feel good, you’re more confident to do good in a world that needs your gifts.


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