7 Fashion Tips on How to Dress to Look 10 lbs Thinner

Are your clothes adding extra weight that you don't want?

Whether or not you’re at your healthy weight, no woman wants to dress to look 10 lbs heavier than she is!

Consider the possibility that some of your clothes are making your feel heavier than you really are.

Add these 10 fashion tips to give yourself a light, healthy feeling of being 10lbs thinner:

  1. Your neckline matters. Avoid exaggerated cowl necklines and turtlenecks. Cowl necklines add bulk, and turtlenecks cover your neck and make it look fuller.
  2. Draw the eye upward with jewelry. Add a beautiful necklace to draw the eye away from your bottom. Gorgeous earrings also help keep the attention on your face.
  3. Untuck your shirt. Keep your shirts untucked if you feel self-conscious about any bulges around your middle. Fitted tops (especially when you wear a belt) just accentuates your middle. Extra tip: an empire waist can be more forgiving!
  4. Be strategic with color. Put lighter colors on top and darker colors on the bottom to draw the eye away from problem areas where women tend to gain the most weight.
  5. Wear makeup, especially lipstick! Emphasizing the beautiful features of your face makes you look put-together, and a put-together woman stands taller, creating a naturally thinner appearance!
  6. Let’s talk about shoes. Go for pointed-toe shoes to give some length to your legs. Avoid ankle straps, as they make your legs look thicker. Wear 2-4 inch heels to give you height and length. And lastly, elongate your legs with tall, dark boots.
  7. Black is slimming—or is it? Most women believe that black is slimming, but the color black only works for a certain Type of woman! For all the other women, black actually can make you look tired, heavy, and older. You can figure out which Type of beauty you are here.

Most importantly, change your mindset and your thoughts! Stop telling yourself you’re not thin or pretty enough.

Whatever you focus on expands. You give your power to whatever you think about or say. Start loving your body exactly as it is. Then watch as your body starts to get healthier and more vibrant because it is loved!

And when you look good and feel good, you’ll be free to do good in a world that needs your gifts.

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