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Why the Color White Doesn’t Look Good on Everyone (Before & After Pictures)

Can everyone wear white? Find out if this color can work for you

Throw away the idea that the color white is a neutral that everyone can wear. It’s just not true.

Believe it or not, all whites are not created equal. Depending on the kind of white you own in your wardrobe, it might not be working for you.

But since white is usually a staple for most women, how can you wear the “correct white” and look good in this color?

Every woman has a unique natural movement that is expressed in her body language, physical features, and overall approach to life. We look our best when we wear colors that match our natural movement and expression.

Just like our own natural movement, colors also express a movement.

Let’s look at the color white through a vibrational/movement lens.

Imagine a scale where one end of the scale represents no movement and the other end of the scale represents high-movement. Where would you place stark white on that scale?

Think about it: white is still, constant, and pure. White is color with nothing added. It would go on the no movement side of the scale.

Women with a more structured, bold nature will look best in stark white. It matches their still vibration, and they can hold this bold color very well.

But if you are the Type of woman with a more buoyant, subdued, or dynamic nature, this stark white is going to appear as though it’s sitting on top of your body rather than becoming a part of your whole expression of beauty.

What kind of white look best on you? Here are 3 alternatives:

Bright & Animated Type 1 Woman

If your natural movement is more buoyant and spontaneous, you will look best in winter white. Your naturally sunny nature is honored by the warmth of winter white. It has a lightness to it without feeling too bold.

Soft & Subtle Type 2 Woman

If your natural movement is more subdued and gentle, you will look best in eggshell white. Adding the grayed undertone supports your relaxed, calm approach to life.

Rich & Dynamic Type 3 Woman

If your natural movement is more swift and dynamic, you will look best in a shade of dirty white that we call wheat. This golden tan color honors your rich and substantial approach to life.

Bold & Stunning Type 4 Woman

If your natural movement is more still and constant, you’ll look best in stark white. Your black and white nature works perfectly with the pure color of white.

Wearing the correct white clothes can make you look thinner, and the wrong color of white can age you!

When you switch out your whites for the correct ones, it can take years to your face and take the illusion of added pounds off your body. With the “right white,” you’ll look younger and healthier! (With results like that, who wouldn’t want to switch out their whites!)

Have a look at Lisa’s Before & After picture:

before and after of a woman wearing the incorrect, and then the correct, white color shirt

Lisa is a soft & subtle Type 2 woman, but she’s wearing a stark white shirt in her Before picture. You can see how it clashes with her soft features and adds more shadows to her facial features.

But in her After picture, Lisa’s choice of an eggshell white softens her overall look and works with the natural movement in her facial features. There’s certainly no clashing going on here! Now that the white top is supporting her true nature, she looks more alive and elegant.

Finding the correct white clothes for you is not as hard as you may think.

Once you discover your natural movement and match your clothing to honor this natural expression, you’ll bring your true beauty to a whole new level that will surprise even yourself.

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