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How Your Dad Gives Clues to His Energy Type – #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

Let's use face profiling to Type these seven fathers!

How would knowing your father’s Energy Type improve your relationship with him?

On today’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, my guests all want to know their dad’s Energy Type so they can understand him better. What a powerful motive—and one that’s sure to be seen from knowing this kind of information!

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(9:41) – My first guest is Melanie who thinks her Dad is a Type 4. What energy do you pick up on when you see his picture? Look at his facial features and overall expression.

(15:00) – Guest #2 is Stephanie whose Dad secretly loves DYT, so she wants to know his Type for sure. Even though he looks similar to Melanie’s Dad, you’ll pick up on the differences of his facial features: angles or straight lines?

(21:23) – Guest #3 Kaitlyn wants to know her Dad’s Type because he’s active and into sports. She thought he could be Type 3 but it turns out he has a softer side. What Type do you see in his features?

(26:00) – Dawn is guest #4 and her Dad is so easy to profile! He has textbook features of his Type. What is your first hit when you see his picture?

(28:36) – Guest #5 Sharelle thinks her Dad is a lower movement of Type 2 or Type 4. But listen to the nuances of his language and behavior that reveal his true Type!

(33:16) – Guest #6 is Kerry who has her Dad narrowed down to his dominant and secondary—so which one leads first? Listen to how this Energy Type combo is actually the lowest movement out of all the combos.

(37:20) – Abby is our final guest and she thinks her Dad is a Type 2…but his picture has so many clues about his true Type! As a viewer, do you see what I see right away? We also profile Abby’s new baby as a bonus!

(42:52) – I close the show by sharing sentiments about my late Type 3 Dad, and how we can heal family patterns and create new paradigms in our families. I share how knowing my parents’ Energy Types helped heal my relationships with them.

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