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How to Profile Your Mother More Accurately! #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

My 5 guests think they know their moms’ Types. Let’s see if they are correct!

What Type is your mother—and how does it affect your relationship with her?

On today’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, you’ll discover why knowing your mom’s Energy Type can improve your relationship and help you live more true to YOU!

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(3:00) – Do you listen to The Child Whisperer podcast? Our community listens in every week for supportive parenting topics. You’ll love the series about the mistakes that all 4 Types of mothers make. Subscribe today and never miss an episode!

(5:00) – Wedding season is upon us! Make sure you’re dressing true to your Type of beauty on these special days! These Lifestyle videos for weddings are full of tips for every Type.

(10:10) – My first guest is a Meredith, a Type 3 who believes her mother is a Type 1 based on her brightness, animation, and lightness. Find out how it’s possible to see someone’s true nature, despite old childhood wounding.

(18:00) – Next up is Linda, a Type 1 woman who sees several Types in her mother’s face, especially circles and straight lines. Is it possible that your own true nature gets in the way of seeing someone else’s Type?

(26:15) – I share a picture of my own mother, a lovely Type 2/1 woman who learned about her Energy Type later in her life. Do any of your children resemble their grandparents?

(32:00) – My third guest is Type 1 Kari who thinks her mother is Type 3, but her mother profiled herself as a Type 4. I point out her facial features and explain how natural movement always wins over the thinking mind.

(39:00) – Next up is Type 1 Kim, who sees all Types in her mother, but is settling on Type 4 right now. Learn how to deduct certain Types based on what the face shows us.

(45:35) – Finally, meet Laura, a Type 3 woman, who would love to know her mother’s Type so she could heal from the way they used to butt heads. Healing your relationship with your own mother is possible through understanding and acceptance!

Are you more clear on your own mother’s Energy Type now? Share your “aha” in a comment!

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