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How to Look Younger & Improve Your Style Using Your Intuition

Why you used to say "I love that!" to certain styles

Have you ever been drawn to a certain style without knowing why? All you know is that you love it. You love how it looks and more importantly, you love how you feel in it.

Well, I call that your Beauty Sixth Sense. And I’m going to teach you tips today to develop your intuition and create your own personal style.

Dressing Your Truth is based on an easy-to-use formula for developing your intuition. So not surprisingly, the things you’re drawn to are the things that look best on you.

In this video, I talk about what each Type of woman is drawn to and the “why” behind it!

(1:50) – Type 1: The Bright, Animated Woman – You like things that sparkle or have a playful quality to them.

(5:15) – Type 2: The Soft, Subtle Woman – You’re drawn to things that are soft and feel comfortable. Do they have just enough stretch?

(7:15) – Type 3: The Rich, Dynamic Woman – You’ll be drawn to layering things, more substance in your accessories, and deep, rich colors.

(9:24) – Type 4: The Bold, Striking Woman – You’ve always liked simple black and white colors, with a stunning, minimalist style.

Your style intuition is strong—it always has been!

Before you even knew about DYT, you had a Beauty Sixth Sense. Now you can use your Style Guides to help hone your skills and create a personal style that looks and feels amazing on you!

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