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Keep It Light! Fitness & Food Tips for the Type 1 Woman

How to make exercise, food, and weight loss easy and breezy.

Now that the holidays are over, ’tis the season to strap on those sneakers and get in your steps!

Everyone wants to get healthier at this time of year, so you’ll be seeing lots of programs and tips everywhere about how to get in shape and lose weight.

And while all of this advice means well, most of it is probably missing a key component to staying healthy.

You see, there is no one-size-fits-all exercise regimen. In order to stick with a healthy lifestyle, you need to know yourself first!

If you are a Type 1 woman who is ready to finally make gains in your fitness and nutrition, we’ve put together this thorough guide to help you get started, and actually stick with it! (It’s long but worth it, we promise!)

Let’s talk about the Type 1 woman and how you can hack your food and fitness true to your Type!

Type 1 energy is upward, light, random, and buoyant.

The more you allow yourself to approach diet and fitness with your natural movement, the more successful you will be. 

That’s why it’s so important for you to keep it fun and light!

But that sounds like the exact opposite of what we usually hear about exercise and nutrition, doesn’t it? For you, here’s why it’s the best way.

You’re going to experience challenges, so let’s talk about some fabulous solutions to help you!

Challenge #1: Comparing yourself to others.

I sometimes see Type 1’s feeling unhappy because they compare themselves to other women. This kind of stress and heaviness affects our well-being and contributes to weight issues. 

But you are justified for feeling so frustrated and defeated since most of the fitness and nutrition plans out there are all Type 3 and 4 styles. You don’t do well with an intense, structured approach. 

When you have to adapt to too much structure, it will feel like effort and heaviness and cause you to lose motivation to do anything.

Solution: Allow yourself the freedom to explore fitness and food in a buoyant and random way. 

Embrace the fact that you do well with many options or possibilities. Feel free to add new ideas and variety to your eating and fitness routines.

Let yourself thrive in this mindset of Type 1 fun and options!

Challenge #2: Trying to achieve a specific, rigid goal with weight and exercise.

Having an absolute, precise goal is so defeating when it isn’t reached. It kills your motivation, your happiness, and your natural movement. Remember, Type 1’s need freedom, so approach your goals with that mentality.  

Solution: Ask yourself, “What’s my possibility?”

When it comes to fitness or weight loss, give yourself a range to attain rather than a specific number. Instead of a number on the scale, ask yourself what size would you like to be.  Size gives you room to fluctuate and the freedom to have some wiggle room.   

When it comes to determining how much your food intake should be, apply this same mentality. Set up a caloric range to stay within. Know that some days you will be at the low end and some days you’ll find yourself at the high end, but within the range is much more doable and realistic than a single, inflexible number. 

You’re setting yourself up to succeed rather than fail and the experience will be much more enjoyable.  

Extra tip: Keep your focus on a short-term amount of time. 

This means setting up a plan based on a few days to one week, not multiple weeks or months. Plan your meals and workouts within these guidelines. Then re-create a new plan longer or shorter based on how successful you were in your provided range. 

Give yourself the flexibility to change it as often as you need to, and work within a loose structure so you can reach your ultimate possibility.  

Challenge #3:  Not being accountable.

You have a tendency to be random and unstructured, and because of that, you may lose track of the amount of food you consume, which could lead to overeating.

Knowing the amount of food you consume helps you see success. It gives you the power to know how much movement you need or how much volume you can consume and achieve your goal range.

As a Type 1, you will not be naturally drawn to logging your food intake. Yet, learning to be accountable in a way that honors you provides accountability and results for Type 1s. This can be done in a few different ways. 

Solution: Join a program or meet with a trainer.

The simplest way to track food intake and have accountability is through systems such as:

  • WeightWatchers: these meetings are good for you knowing that you have someone to check in with to help motivate you to do what you need to on a weekly basis.
  • MyApex Coach: give you real-time numbers that will let you know if you are in your calorie range or over at any minute of the day.
  • Meeting with a nutritionist or trainer on a regular basis: you can get both types of services depending on what you and the individual set up.  

Challenge #4: Not being motivated to work out, especially by yourself.

Type 1’s are naturally social and outgoing. Your energy moves “up and out,” so it feels extroverted and friendly. Working out by yourself might not satisfy or honor your Type 1 movement.

Solution: Make your workouts social!

  • Get a workout buddy or group. This helps you know someone is waiting for you and can keep you engaged and social while you exercise. 
  • A personal trainer can also provide the accountability and social structure you need for your workouts to be fun and effective.  
  • Group fitness classes or team sports will also provide a social environment to work out in. 
  • If you do workout alone, be sure to play music so it feels more enjoyable. 
  • Try working out in front of the TV when you can to pass the time easier. 
  • Go outdoors whenever possible, even if it’s for a walk or jog around your neighborhood. Chances are, you’ll bump into someone you know and the experience of exercising can be more fun if you have a destination to get to. 
  • You can also find a workout DVD/Youtube videos that can be your backup on those times you need to work out by yourself.

Now that you’re filled with all this Type 1 knowledge, you’re totally going to crush your food and fitness goals this year!

Keep in mind what you do may not be as important as how you approach what you do! 

Keep it light and fun, and allow yourself lots of freedom.

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