A Type 1 Before & After to Love Yourself No Matter Your Body Shape

Kristina is absolutely adorable!

Yet she was holding on to a couple of beliefs which affected her ability to see this about herself.

She was judging the weight she’d gained due to the sadness she experiences because her husband is deployed overseas.

Watch what happens when Carol takes what Kristina named her “pounds of pain” and gives it a new, happier name.

You can feel the energy shift in the room as you watch the video!

Viewing ourselves in a loving way and changing our beliefs about ourselves is the first step to truly releasing unwanted weight.

Plus, get a load of Kristina’s new look. You can look beautifully YOU even if you aren’t at your preferred weight.

I’ll show you how!

“It’s about discovering who I really am. I feel like I can do anything now!” —Kristina, Type 1 woman.


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