Does Dressing Your Truth Really Make a Difference?

Could it make a difference for you? Watch and see what it does for these four women.

You’ve heard about Dressing Your Truth and how it has been transformative for many women, from their outer appearance to inner self-confidence.

Now you might wonder, “Of course they look great, but could Dressing Your Truth really work for me?”

In this fun series, we answer this, and several other questions. Our Dressing Your Truth Experts—Type 1 Jaleah, Type 2 Anne, Type 3 Sarah, and Type 4 Kalista—ALL wear the exact same outfit of each Type to show you just how effective this system is.

If you’d like to see me dressed in all four Types watch Does Dressing Your Truth Really Work? Carol Puts It to the Test! It’s my best anti-aging tip of all!

If you haven’t discovered your Type of beauty yet it all starts with the Free Beginner’s Guide. You’ll learn about the four Types and how to recognize your Type. After that, you get to the fun part, Dressing Your Truth! Start today to see what a difference it makes for you!

Could Dressing Your Truth Work For You?

We get started with Type 1. You’ll be smiling from their giggles—and shocked by their appearances as they answer the question “Does Dressing Your Truth really make a difference?”

Can Dressing in the Wrong Color Make You Tired?

In our second video the Dressing Your Truth Experts dress in the same Type 2 outfit. It’s soft, flowy, subtle, and lovely—except that it makes these ladies look frumpy, and feel tired! It may make you want to figure out your Energy Type before you go to bed tonight!

Be Careful—Some Outfits Might Not Work For You!

Moving on our Dressing Your Truth Experts have all dressed in matching Type 3 outfits, but do you think it works for all of them? Watch to see who feels too severe, whose hair begins to look damaged, and whose complexion becomes red and blotchy while NOT Dressing Their Truth! It’s incredible to see the results side-by-side, especially as Sarah effortlessly rocks this edgy look.

Why “Everyone Looks Good in Black” is Just Not True.

Black. You’ve been told it’s a neutral, and that anyone can wear it. But what if that’s not true?

We wrap it up with all the Experts dressed in the same black outfit to show that even the trendiest of fashion rules do not work for each Type of beauty! Aside from Type 4 Kalista, whose energy increases in her true look, Jaleah, Anne, and Sarah all struggle to hold the bold, sleek designs.

“Does Dressing Your Truth Really Make a Difference?” Our DYT Experts had one resounding answer—do you agree with them?

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