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500+ Tutorials

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  • Clothing

    Easily Transition from Cool to Warm Weather with these Wardrobe Tips

    • Yes, You Can Wear Yellow! 5 Tips on How to Wear Every Color In Your Type

    • How Your Type Can Wear These Trendy Fall & Winter Styles

    • How to Pick Plaid That's Correct For You! (Plus Style Tips Inside)

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  • Accessories

    Is there "Crossover Jewelry" Between Types?

    • 7 Essential Shoes for the Fun Type 1 Woman

    • 7 Essential Shoes for the Soft & Subtle Type 2 Woman

    • 7 Essential Shoes for the Dynamic Type 3 Woman

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  • Hair

    Hair Color for Each Type: All the Tips You Need to Get the Correct Color for You

    • Why We Think Our Hairstyle Needs to Change: Lifestyle Coaching

    • Here are the 2 Most Common Hair Mistakes Your Type is Making

    • This Tip Helps You Find Your Ideal Hairstyle in 5 Seconds or Less!

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  • Makeup

    Enjoying Makeup As Much As You Could Be? Makeup Talk with Anne & Anna K

    • Makeup Cocktails: How to Create One-of-a-Kind Colors for Your Type

    • Special Occasion Makeup Anyone Can Do, for All Types!

    • Eye Shape Guide: How to Personalize Your Look by Knowing Your Eye Shape

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  • Energy Profiling

    How Each Type Expresses Anger and What to Do With It

    • Enjoying Makeup As Much As You Could Be? Makeup Talk with Anne & Anna K

    • How to Enhance the Romance & Intimacy in Your Relationship

    • Do You Know Your Tertiary and Quaternary Energy Types? Lifestyle Coaching Call

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  • Before & Afters

    Gray Hair Before & Afters! You Won't Believe These "Over 50" Transformations

    • The Must-See Before & Afters of 2022! Lifestyle Coaching Call

    • Think You’re a Type 2? You Could Be Wrong! (Here’s Why So Many Women Are)

    • Are You a Type 2? (Who's Actually Not a Type 2.) Sam's Before & After

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