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How a Type 3’s Passionate Nature Can Be Supported in the Workplace

As a driven Type 3 person, you bring many natural gifts into the workplace. You’re confident, results-oriented, hands-on, practical, and able to influence others into action.

But what about the challenges that this swift energy can bring? Today I’m joined by Kristine, a passionate woman in our company, who shares her own unique challenges that come with having such a determined nature.

Not only will this help you understand the Type 3 people you work with, but you’ll also feel reassured in your own dynamic energy!

Affirmation: I am patient as patience is required in the appropriate places. I am moving things into action where action is the appropriate outcome. I am involved exactly the way I need to be. My contribution makes a difference, and the results are amazing.

How has knowing your Energy Type helped you in the workplace? Share in the comments below!

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