How this Single Mom Found Her Sparkle Again: Nathalie’s Before & After

Do you feel fashion-challenged? Doing what "they say" could be what's holding you back.

“I don’t know what to wear. Other women get it, but I just can’t figure it out.”

You’re busy, you have your family, your job, and all of the other things that fill up your busy life. Are you holding back, not giving yourself permission to be who you truly are? Do you see all the well dressed women around you and think “they get it”, but somehow you are the exception, the fashion incompetent one?

It’s not your fault. It never was. It’s the result of an impractical fashion system full of “dos” and “don’ts”.

Meet Nathalie, a busy working mom of three boys. In my Energy Profiling system, she is a bright and animated Type 1 women. She had gotten stuck in a fashion rut, wearing black (a common Type 1, fashion mistake), no makeup, and pulling her hair back. Watch and as my Type 1 Expert, Jaleah, and I guide her through an emotional transformation that restores her to her natural light and bright, “feels like me”, personal style!

In this Before & After we talk about (The makeover begins at 9:30):
  • (3:17) How to let go of “I can’t have that”, and how the practical tools in Dressing Your Truth support you in developing the sense of fashion that you’ve always had.
  • (7:27) Why you need to throw out all the “they say” so that you can be you!
  • (8:50) How your Style Guide helps you open up a rainbow of color.

Jump in and start Dressing Your Truth so that you can feel beautiful and amazing, living the truth of who you really are!

Give yourself permission to have the style that you’ve always wanted with my free Beginner’s Guide.

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Video Transcript

Carol: Well, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful and amazing Natalie. Hello.

Natalie: Hello.

Carol: I have to say, you’re a beautiful Type One woman, and you’re not looking very upward and light and bright today, and you’re black, but this is common.

Natalie: Sorry.

Carol: No, I’m glad you wore it, because it’s such a default for women, you know? It’s just, like, yeah. I mean, you’ve been told every woman can wear black?

Natalie: Yes. I suppose it makes you look thin and it goes with everything.

Carol: And when you don’t know what to wear, is it easy to shop for black?

Natalie: Yes, because then I go from day to night, just…

Carol: You go from day… That’s good. Well, a little bit about Natalie. She’s a single mom of two wonderful boys, and you don’t have a lot of time for, you know, a whole…

Natalie: And with two boys, there’s lots of other boys coming in the house.

Carol: Yes, yes. So, you’re a busy mom and you have shared with me that you feel fashion-challenged. Now, I want to give a little more information around this, because the way you shared it with me was almost, like, other women somehow got it and could figure it out, and you were more the exception and you were the incompetent one. Is that how you felt?

Natalie: Always. I was like, “Why does everybody else get it and I can’t get it?”

Carol: The system is challenged. It’s impractical. It was never you. And haven’t you learned since learning about the beauty profiling system and learning you’re a Type One energy? What’s happened, like, for you?

Natalie: It’s like, “Oh, it’s okay to put these things on that are light and fun and feel like me, even though it seems like everybody around me is very put-together, and to me they look just… I don’t know, like they’re in a magazine.”

Carol: So you were noticing that you were drawn, now that you understand what the Type One movement is in clothing, you’re able to see you were naturally… Your beauty’s sixth sense was really tuned into that.

Natalie: Yeah, I liked a lot of things, but it’s like, “Oh, you’re not allowed to do that. That’s for younger… Yeah.”

Carol: Yeah. You’re 41 I understand.

Natalie: And 42 [crosstalk]

Carol: You’re gonna look 30 once you’re done with your transformation.

Natalie: I hope so.

Carol: I mean, really. Your delightful energy you have a balance and you have a spark to you, that’s how I describe you. You just got this spark, this quality of being sparkly.

Natalie: Oh, thank you.

Carol: Do you like sparkly jewelry?

Natalie: I… But I never… I was like, “Oh, I can’t have that. That’s…”

Carol: Do you see how that resistance was your own resistance to yourself? Have you kind of figured that out yet?

Natalie: Because I was always told, “You need to grow up, you need to be more serious.”

Carol: When you were going through the beauty profile system, you related to those what I consider the more shaming references that Type One women hear.

Natalie: Well, it’s amazing, for the first time to not be told all these traits are negative. And I’ve tried to, like, get rid of them. You know, I was like, “If I could just be this way, maybe I’ll be successful if I could just be…”

Carol: That’s exhausting. I am really grateful for women like you that find this program, because I want you to enjoy… I want you to have the benefit of the enjoyment of your true self. That you can…

Natalie: It’s amazing that you’re doing this, because… Yeah.

Carol: Thank you. Well, I’m glad we can now support you in creating…supporting you in developing your own sense of fashion that you’ve always had. I just want to point out, you’ve always had it. You’ve never been taught how to trust it, and that’s what Dressing Your Truth does for women, is it teaches her how to trust her own beauty’s sixth sense with practical tools. Many of the women watching this are relating to you right now and very, very grateful, and they’re actually crying too, because you’re validating their experience.

Natalie: I have cried on so many other videos, watching.

Carol: It’s good to have your emotional experience validated, that you have felt heavy, you have felt walked on, you have felt dismissed, and you have felt unseen, and I’m grateful to now support you in being seen for who you are. Jaleah has been really excited to put together a great look for you, so we’re gonna meet with her now and see what she’s got planned.

Natalie: I’m so excited.

Carol: I know. I am too. Move your hands around.

Natalie: I’m just…

Carol: “I’m excited!” Go ahead.

Natalie: I’m holding them so I don’t clap.

Carol: You can do anything you want with me, and I’m gonna get it. You know, of course you would do that.

Natalie: I’m like, ahh.

Carol: Of course you would jump up and down. Of course you would. So, let’s go.

Natalie: Okay. Yay.

[00:05:01] [music] [00:05:26]

Carol: Well, Jaleah. This is putting a smile on my face.

Jaleah: I know, huh? It’s amazing.

Carol: How about you, huh, Natalie? This is a lot different than what we’re seeing you in right now. What’s your initial feeling about being so bright?

Natalie: It’s pretty, like, to look at. It’s pretty. The pants are a little scary, but I like it. It’s not… But it’s like…

Jaleah: It’s good scary. You’re excited.

Carol: Okay, so you’re drawn to it, but are you concerned about what other people will think? Does that come up for you?

Natalie: I guess sometimes I’m afraid because I’m so excitable.

Carol: It’s amazing what just Dressing Your Truth will do on helping heal a lot of internal pieces that are ready to heal for you, and for you as well. And so, just know that your beauty’s sixth sense will always guide you to that which you will look the best in. So, share with everyone, Jaleah, why you’ve chosen these outfits for now.

Jaleah: Right. So, Natalie, I’m going to start with this top. This top is amazing. In the design line we have this great, softened points of the star here on the collar, and then down here we have this nice, rounded hem line. The fabrication of this is nice and light and crisp, and since it is a little bit sheer, I put this great tank top underneath it. It has pink.

Natalie: It looks [inaudible 00:06:42].

Jaleah: Yeah. Right? It will feel nice and comfortable, not too heavy on you, which is great.

Carol: You’re a single mom, busy mom. This is… The lovely dress is more casual.

Jaleah: And these pants I’m so excited for. This great dark tint of the pink, and can you hear that? It’s singing to me. We’re hearing wax paper. So, these are gonna be really nice and crisp on you and you’re gonna love it.

Carol: The whole outfit is singing to me.

Jaleah: Yeah, I know, right?

Carol: It is. “Woohoo.” It’s singing, “Woohoo.”

Jaleah: Yes, let it. Okay, so let’s move over to these accessories. So you can see we’ve got our nice, bright, shiny gold, but these flowers, they’re so cute because we have the light tint of the pink and we have a dark tint of the pink. Isn’t that fun? And they’re so animated. It’s gonna be a really nice pop on you.

Carol: I want to point out as well, and this is common. You don’t know why jewelry… You haven’t kind of figured out, “Why am I not wearing it? Why am I not making it happen with jewelry?” In the Type One world, it needs to be light on the body. And now that you know that, you’ll recognize that you’ve probably bought pieces in the past that are quite heavy, and you won’t wear ’em.

Natalie: And then I won’t wear it.

Carol: No. So, they have to feel light, almost like they’re not there. Like they’re not even on the body. So that will be important for you to reference that.

Jaleah: They have to pass the light test. Hardly there. I picked it with some earrings that don’t match. They’re not a set with these earrings, but that’s what’s so great about us Type Ones, is we can put random sets together. It doesn’t need to match. Mix and match as much as you want, which is so great. So, these are just a classic, round, circle drop with a fun little bling-bling down there on the bottom.

Natalie: That’s [inaudible 00:08:15], because that’s the other thing, I haven’t wanted to wear jewelry, because people say you have to wear the set.

Jaleah: Right. It’s not fun, huh?

Natalie: And then it bothered me that it was… This is a set. You have to hold it together. And then I’m like, eh, I just don’t want to wear it.

Carol: The good news for you is you get to throw out everything everybody said, okay?

Jaleah: I added just a nice, simple shoe. Great rounded toe point, and it also has a great pattern in it with the nice round shapes, inside

Jaleah & Natalie: And it’s not black.

Carol: Who could wear a eyelet shoe?

Jaleah: Us.

Carol: That’s right, and because you can, you should.

Jaleah: Right, exactly. So, I just want to point out with our style guide that all of these colors work. We got our light tints and our dark tints, and it all goes.

Carol: As a mom, busy mom, you probably pin your hair up like this every day. Just get it out of the way.

Natalie: And if I’m fancy, I do that.

Carol: That’s cute. Okay, that’s the fancy one. What I’m hearing from you is you want a great hairstyle.

Catalie: I would like it. It’s just, I need it to be easy.

Carol: Yes. And you want to wear makeup, and it needs to also be easy and look natural on you.

Natalie: Yes.

Carol: Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Jaleah: We can help you with this.

Carol: Well, I’m excited to support you in this transformation. So, let’s get going.

Jaleah: Excited.

[00:09:37] [music] [00:10:02]

Carol: So, Jaleah, on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the most fun, how fun was it working with Natalie?

Jaleah: Natalie was an 11. It was so fun.

Natalie: She seemed very eager.

Jaleah: She was super eager. We, like, threw that black off, and we’re like, “Get out of here.”

Carol: Burned it or so…?

Jaleah: She likes bright and beautiful. Let’s bring her out.

Carol: Let’s take a look at her before. So, you remember the black, and now I’m excited to see this.

Jaleah: Let’s bring her out. Come on out, Natalie.

Carol: Oh, my goodness.

Jaleah: Oh, Natalie. You’re so bright and fresh.

Carol: I love it.

Natalie: Oh, thank you. It’s fun. It’s very different and fun.

Carol: Wow. Oh, my goodness. Your hair just…

Natalie: Curly hair.

Carol: It’s so natural.

Natalie: I just wanna bounce.

Jaleah: Yes, I want you to keep bouncing.

Natalie: Like Tigger.

Carol: Did you know you had that much curl in your hair?

Natalie: No. And every time anybody cut it, they would just pull it straight. I thought I had annoying curl.

Carol: Yeah, that was a concern of yours, that the time it would take you can honestly go three, four days without even touching this. Roll out of bed and you do your flip of the head and say, “I’m good to go.”

Jaleah: “I’m ready to go.”

Carol: “I’m ready to go.”

Natalie: Yeah, I like, because it’s just…

Carol: It’s just adorable.

Natalie: Yeah, it feels very light.

Carol: You look… It’s so funny, because you said women are taught over and over that black is slimming. Honestly, you look more fit and slim in this.

Natalie: Oh, thank… That’s what’s funny. Everybody was like, “Oh, you look smaller.” I’m like, I was wearing black before. This makes me look smaller than…?

Carol: How do you like the jewelry?

Natalie: I like it. When I first… When I look at it, it’s like, “Hah, it’s a big piece,” but when I walk away it’s very light. Like, I don’t feel like I want to take it off. It’s just getting used to it, because I’m not used to putting anything on. So this is very fun. I love flowers and…

Carol: Well, and it doesn’t appear to be a large piece. It really doesn’t in scale. In scale, it looks like a casual piece, actually. It just looks like a fun, playful necklace that’s not too big or too small. It’s just perfect for you.

Jaleah: No, once you’re wearing it… Once you get used to wearing these things, it’ll be so easy. It’s so simple.

Natalie: Yes, I was like, “Oh, it’s so fun to put flowers on and to have something sparkly. I never thought I could put…

Jaleah: Dangly and lots of movement.

Natalie: Yes.

Jaleah: Love it.

Carol: Your makeup too is really… You don’t even notice it. It’s not like we’re seeing… It’s so light.

Jaleah: Yes, she was worried about having too much color on her eye shadow, and…

Natalie: Yeah, I was like, “Ahh, color.”

Jaleah: You don’t even see eye shadow. You just see beautiful Natalie.

Natalie: And this, because I don’t like bulky. This is, like, it’s easy.

Carol: But does it feel light? Do you even notice it?

Natalie: No, I don’t notice.

Carol: So, that’s the point. You shouldn’t even notice it.

Natalie: And it’s comfortable. I feel like I can move and…

Carol: You look great in the real slim fit. You really do. Very slimming on you.

Jaleah: You have the cutest legs.

Natalie: Oh, thank you.

Jaleah: Wear slim legs more. They’re so cute.

Carol: So, I’m gonna grab the style guide.

Jaleah: Okay, let’s see what it looks like with her outfit.

Carol: We’re gonna just… Again, you just… You’re just beautiful and it’s harmonizing, and noticing your keywords… And again, your outfit needs to express these keywords. Upward, light, animated, buoyant, crisp, fresh and fun. You’re expressing that now. So, when your animation comes forward, which it just naturally does in your body language, it’s very inviting. It’s fun, it’s playful energy that people will receive rather than feel a confusion around. This whole outfit is the start of what I hope you’ll take on as a 30-day challenge in the Dress Your Truth world I invite women to commit to a 30-day challenge. Of course I would, I’m a Type Three, so… We should make it a 30-day play.

Natalie: There we go.

Jaleah: There you go.

Carol: A 30-day… It’s very playful. I want it to be supportive to you, that you’ll only dress your truth for the next 30 days, and the purpose in that is to really get into the feel of who you are. It’s not even about the items you wear. You might have 10 things to choose from, because you’re just getting going, but you’ll choose form whatever you have and stay committed to it. “I’m only going to wear what’s true for my Type One beauty. And at that 30 days, if you’re to put that black outfit on again, you would feel like you were put in a box. Well, I want to give you this wonderful style guide…

Natalie: Thank you.

Carol: …because that’s to support you with everything you’ve learned in the course.

Natalie: I feel like I need to, like, tape it to my forehead.

Jaleah: [inaudible 00:14;32] your hand.

Natalie: Yes.

Carol: This is your new belief. So, your former belief sounded something like, “I don’t know what to wear. I don’t have any… When it comes to fashion…”

Natalie: Fashion-challenged.

Carol: You say you were fashion-challenged like you were inept like you didn’t know what to do. So, your new belief, if you’ll repeat after me…

Natalie: Okay.

Carol: “I am successful…”

Natalie: I am successful…

Carol: “Dressing my truth…”

Natalie: Dressing my truth…

Carol: “True to who I am…”

Natalie: True to who I am.

Carol: “I am a wiz…”

Natalie: I am a wiz.

Carol: “…when it comes to fashion…”

Natalie: …when it comes to fashion…

Carol: “…for me.”

Natalie: …for me.

Jaleah: You are such a great example of Type One energy. Thank you for showing it and sharing it with us.

Natalie: I feel like hugging all of you.

Jaleah: I know.

Carol: Hug.

Natalie: Thank you so much. This has been ama… Oh, I don’t want to cry. Been amazing, so… Okay. Thank you so much.

Carol: You’re welcome.

Natalie: Oh. Oh, no.

Carol: No, it’s good. All good. Your tears are an affirmation that you’re ready to be yourself, and you’re very grateful for that.

Natalie: Yeah, it’s so great.

Carol: Thank you.

Natalie: Thank you so much.

Carol: Thanks for your willingness to show up.

Natalie: Thank all of you.

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