Learning to Like Herself More: Jean’s Before & After

A soft, supportive makeover for this beautiful professional woman over 60

You have a closet full of beautiful clothes, but are they comfortable? Do you step out feeling like you’ve put on a costume?

As a mature professional woman, you offer support and understanding to those that you work to make it a comfortable place for them and you. You collect details, make plans, and create connections. You take care of others. But, are you taking care of you?

Loving and supporting others starts with loving and understanding you. With my system Energy Profiling, you will learn to like yourself more by understanding why you are the way you are. Dressing Your Truth applies that understanding to your fashion and beauty experience. And remember, just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean that you have to “dress your age” and feel matronly. Instead, you get to dress your truth and feel beautiful and elegant.

I want to introduce you to Jean, a soft and subtle Type 2 woman. As the manager of a large lab, she supports many people. Seeing to their needs and comforts. She wears “professional clothes” that are uncomfortable and that she doesn’t love. Watch as my Type 2 Expert Anne, and I guide her thought an elegant transformation to a new personal style that helps her look and feel “beautiful and elegant and that’s what I’ve always wanted to look like.”

In this Before & After we talk about (The makeover begins at 4:10):
  • (2:36) How your professional wardrobe can also be a comfortable wardrobe.
  • (7:33) Why your Style Guide helps you find connection and harmony in your outfits.
  • (8:20) How to have elegant ageless beauty that honors you both inwardly and outwardly.
  • (13:59) Why being able to give yourself a compliment is the best compliment of all.

Begin Dressing Your Truth so that you can feel beautiful and comfortable, living the truth of who you really are!

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Video Transcript:

Carol: Well this is Jean, she’s a beautiful, soft, subtle type two woman. Hello Jean.

Jean: Hello Carol.

Carol: I just have to comment as Jean is close to being 63 in…

Jean: This month.

Carol: See, now we say that Type 1s always look younger than they are. Well I’ve met a lot of type two women that look younger than they are, which is the case for you.

Jean: Thank you.

Carol: And you’re not even dressing your truth yet so wow. We have a lot of things to look forward to here.

Jean: Definitely.

Carol: So you recently learned you’re a type two in the beauty profiling system and how has that been like, completely altered your understanding of yourself, your life experience?

Jean: It’s pretty earth-shattering because you see yourself in a certain way and you’ve gotten responses from other people your whole life and all of a sudden you understand why you are the way you are, why other people are the way they are and you can really learn to like yourself more and accept the things that maybe you didn’t like before, so it’s been wonderful.

Carol: When you’ve mentioned to me off camera that life has really changed quite a bit since you’ve learned this.

Jean: Well, I realized I’ve gotten a lot of feedback just about how supportive I am because my goal in my career is to support a hundred people in that lab and what they’re doing with their computers and that’s my goal, is to make it work for them…

Carol: And your type two nature is to be so aware of details to support others moving details to support others…

Jean: Details, yes. I feel comfortable with details.

Carol: Moving forward, flaws, plans, making plans. Making sure things come together and connect. Now, in your fashion experience, where have you struggled the most? Where have you found it in…challenged I would say, in your experience?

Jean: I was all over the board. I mean, you should have seen my closet. Stuffed with clothes, beautiful clothes but the vast majority of them felt like a costume.

Carol: Interesting. Did you relate to your comfort factor that you did at least honor that sense of things needing to feel comfortable?

Jean: I did not honor that.

Carol: You didn’t honor that?

Jean: I definitely do now. Definitely do now.

Carol: See that actually, that’s one of the more common in their beauty sixth sense, it’s very very common for type two women to at least get that little piece.

Jean: No, I get home from work and the first thing I do is to throw off those work clothes.

Carol: Interesting. So in your professional wardrobe, you really forced yourself to really go against who you are. Getting home would be such a relief then to get into something comfortable.

Jean: Definitely.

Carol: Interesting, I’m really glad you shared that. You know, you have wonderful wave to your hair.

Jean: Natural curl, I’ve fought it my whole life.

Carol: As can happen with type two women with hair highlights, they can lean on the side of too brassy and warm.

Jean: I have that problem and I’ll start out not brassy but by the time it’s time to go back in for a touch up they’re brassy.

Carol: Every part of your whole look is meant to express soft, subtle beauty which you are very much in all of your mannerisms. You’re very soft spoken, you have a very calming effect.

Jean: Good.

Carol: You do. You really do. I love it and want to really honor that with your appearance.

Jean: Definitely.

Carol: And look like a very fashionable woman as well.

Jean: Definitely.

Carol: It’s kind of an interesting thing with dressing your truth. You’ll get to look really fashionable too just because a woman that’s well put together looks
very fashionable and I know that the women in our community aren’t necessarily…they want fashion to work for them, not necessarily be high fashion.

Jean: Right.

Carol: So it’s kinda like this benefit you get…

Jean: Yes.

Carol: …just because you’re so well put together and it matches who you are. So are you ready to…

Jean: I am very ready.

Carol: Ready to meet Ann and see what Ann has selected for your transformation?

Jean: Yes.

Carol: I’m excited, let’s meet Ann.

[00:04:10] [music] [00:04:32]

Carol: Ann, once again you have exceeded my expectations. This is beautiful.

Ann: Thank you.

Carol: I love it. Jean, I’m curious, what’s your response to this?

Jean: It is gorgeous. It’s beautiful and quite professional too.

Carol: Would you have ever picked this for yourself?

Jean: No. I’ve never worn these colors before. This definitely looks comfortable and I love the lines of it. These shoes are to die for. They’re beautiful and I never have worn anything like that before, so.

Ann: Well that’s good. We’re headed in the right direction. We wanna try some things that maybe you wouldn’t have done, but things you’re falling in love with.

Jean: Yes.

Ann: Wonderful. And you know what I think is ironic is that this outfit is pretty much what you’re wearing as far as design lines go but in more color, the type two tones, so it’s going to be comfortable, we know that. So let’s start with this top. You can feel it. Touch how comfortable that is. The fabrication is soft. This design line is gorgeous on type twos, the cowl neck, and you can see the lines, the knitted lines in the front creating those downwards S curves. And then paired with this you can just see how those colors just come alive together.

Carol: I want to point out which I love in this type two pattern is the low contrast and the blended quality of the pattern with that liquid cascading effect.

Ann: The shapes are all those beautiful type two S curves and you can see in the design line how this just falls gently and I love the color. I love that combination of greens and mints and blues but again that low contrast is keeping it really blended. These pants are going to be very comfortable which has a more wide leg. You’re going to feel really comfortable moving around the office and you feel that, that’s a little bit of a thicker knit so very nice just keep you nice and warm…

Jean: I like this.

Ann: …and comfortable. I know. No zipper, no bulk, it’s going to be nice and stretchy but really comfortable. The shoes as you mentioned really are to die for. They’re so fun, I love that we’re bringing in that color down in the shoes, the soft mint green.

Carol: I love the…it’s a very softened point.

Jean: Yes.

Carol: Which again makes it a little bit more of a professional look with that movement.

Ann: Yes, we have gone with the professional look as you are a career woman and they’re going to be comfortable. You always want to choose a comfortable shoe as a type two so when you get home you aren’t ripping off your clothes and thinking, “Oh, now I can get into my pajamas.” We want what you’re wearing throughout the day as a type two to feel comfortable and feel like you are in your pajamas and you could wear all day long. And then we’ve got these beautiful accessories. I love the mint green there as well. It’s going to cascade and look really beautiful.

Jean: It’s great. It’s pretty.

Carol: I love the grade silver because you wear that metal so beautifully.

Ann: And then this really beautiful bracelet. You can see it’s stretchy. We love the strechies. It’s going to be very comfortable and again bringing in that beautiful palette of colors.

Jean: I like to connect colors through an outfit.

Ann: Yep and that’s as a type two, you always want a connecting factor and we’ve got a lot of connecting factors in this outfit and it’s great. The more connection the better as a type two.

Jean: Definitely.

Ann: I think this is just going to look fabulous on you.

Carol: Let’s go ahead and show the style guide so again our viewers can see again that connection with each of these pieces, all very different in color, different color combinations but all connecting, harmonizing with the color side of your style guide and all expressing the five elements. It’s a beautiful outfit. The beauty code word for type twos is beautiful. And with your hair, I’m excited that we’re going to bring it down from that really kind of overstated, brassy, kind of a cooler color on you. It looks like you’re comfortable with makeup. You’ve been incorporating makeup.

Jean: I love makeup.

Carol: So you’re going to love learning and experiencing how beautiful type two makeup just in a subtle way, really brings forward your features.

Jean: I’m excited.

Carol: I mean, you look right now, I think, you look like you’re 40, maybe you’ll look 35 when we’re…[inaudible 00:08:28] to me.

Ann: It’s that timeless beauty.

Carol: Jean has said in spirit she’s 30, so hey, well, we’re matching that because you definitely do not appear to be your age. To whatever degree you’ve consciously lived true to your nature, you have honored yourself as best you can.

Jean: As best I can.

Carol: As best you can, and now that you know who you are you can truly honor that both inwardly and in your fashion.

Ann: And this, for a 63 year old woman, this is not matronly as a type two. This is elegant and beautiful and that all these great colors and it’s that timeless beauty as a type two.

Jean: Elegant is my favorite word.

Ann: Well good. I think we’ve got it.

Carol: Well let’s move forward and bring on the elegance.

Jean: Great.

[00:09:13] [music] [00:09:34]

Carol: Well Ann it looks like you’ve had a marvelous time helping Jean in her transformation and I haven”t seen Jean yet.

Ann: She looks great.

Carol: I would expect that. So let’s take a look at her before picture. And now let’s see the new beautiful, soft, subtle Jean.

Ann: Jean, come on out and show us your new look.

Carol: I’m like…really, I’m stunned.

Jean: Me too.

Carol: Oh my goodness it’s just…you’re breathtaking.

Jean: Thank you. I feel elegant, my favorite word.

Ann: You do look stunning.

Carol: I could just stare at you.

Jean: Thank you.

Carol: No, I’m just taken aback a bit. It’s interesting because you’re a beautiful woman but this is just…

Ann: Wow.

Carol: Just the wow factor.

Jean: Thank you so much.

Ann: You look younger, you look like you’re 46. Not almost 63.

Jean: Thank you.

Ann: And you look thinner.

Carol: Definitely.

Jean: That’s good.

Ann: And you look like you. Like a beautiful woman.

Carol: I love your hair.

Jean: I love the hair too. I was really kind of nervous about it.

Ann: What’s your favorite part about it?

Jean: I like the color. It’s close to what it was in my 20s.

Ann: Okay, so more natural.

Jean: So it feels like me. And I like the…

Carol: I love how blended the highlights are.

Jean: …volume, which I’m going to have to practice.

Carol: I love the sweeping in.

Jean: Yes.

Carol: Wherein you had some nice S curve movement to your other style but it was more of a…

Ann: It wasn’t stylized.

Carol: Right.

Ann: It was kinda your hair just doing it’s thing. Now this is working with that but also giving it some of that style and I just love the we took a little bit of
length off and gave it that little bit of movement there at the bottom that fits you but still fits that…

Jean: And she told me how to do it at home too.

Carol: Let’s look at the back side of your hair because it’s such a beautiful sweeping in the blended highlights. It’s gorgeous.

Ann: And again we got that ash cool tone, you can turn around again, that you were really wanting, getting that brassy out, and that cool tones. How do you feel about these colors?

Jean: I love this, I have not worn this color before and do love those shoes.

Carol: The pants are very flattering, they’re very slimming on you.

Jean: They are. And comfortable, very comfortable.

Ann: Is this something you’d want to go home and rip off and get in your cozies?

Jean: No, this is comfortable.

Ann: You feel comfortable in that. Yeah.

Carol: The cowl neckline is very beautiful on you. I love the addition to…

Jean: Thank you. I wear a lot of those.

Carol: Do you wear those? You feel very comfortable in that?

Jean: Yes.

Carol: And the addition of the necklace really just connects the two.

Jean: And that’s something I haven’t done before is fill it in with a necklace.

Ann: Yeah, really beautiful. And you can even do this with a longer necklace. Like just lots of options when you’re dressing your truth as a type two. You can take these three pieces and create so many options and outfits out of all of them and the accessories as well.

Jean: Yes.

Carol: How do you feel about your makeup?

Jean: I like it, it’s tasteful but dramatic. I like it.

Ann: Yeah, very elegant again.

Carol: Oh, I like those two words, tasteful and dramatic.

Ann: Subtlety dramatic in a type two way. Very inviting, very romantic as well.

Jean: Oh, romantic.

Carol: So, do you have any concerns or?

Jean: Not a one. I’m hoping I can do my hair by myself. It might take a little practice but I’m going to work on it.

Ann: You’ve got the right cut to support the style getting where you want it to be and that’s key, really getting it in the right place so then it becomes

Jean: Yes.

Carol: Let me grab our style guide. I want to share this with you. You can see we have chosen as Ann selected on the brighter side of our type two tones. They’re still connecting with the colors on the style guide and the five elements that you have to guide you now as you move forward building that beautiful type two wardrobe. So we want you to have that.

Jean: Thank you.

Carol: And we’d like to invite you to do our 30 day challenge. Ann do you want to explain to Jean what our…

Ann: Just to help you in this process of jump starting dressing your truth, for 30 days dress in your type two. Everything from your head to your toe and even if it means you’re just wearing a few of the same things over again, as you really commit yourself to those 30 days, you will start to develop a sense of really what’s right for you.

Jean: I’m going to be boxing up a lot of black clothes.

Ann: And not missing them one bit.

Jean: No.

Ann: Great.

Carol: Well, I’m very confident that you’ll be respected…

Jean: I think so too.

Carol: …in the space that you’ve earned. And given a lot of compliments. And I know that’s why women are so eager to share our program because they want others to experience that same validation.

Ann: It’s something to get a compliment from another person, that’s very validating, but to look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment and see your true beauty, I think that’s what this is all about and not only the outer compliment but really loving yourself for the inside strengths that you have.

Carol: So in closing, what was that like for you when you saw yourself in the mirror in your after?

Jean: Well, I said I look beautiful and elegant and that’s what I’ve always wanted to look like, so.

Carol: It’s not because she wasn’t and she had to learn how to make herself, she had to be supported in bringing that out because that’s always been

Ann: Bringing it to light.

Carol: It’s always been there.

Ann: Definitely.

Jean: I’ve got a lot of confidence now.

Carol: Good. And as you continue to move forward, you’ll have questions but we’re here with all the support that we give you online to answer your questions.

Ann: And trust yourself.

Jean: Thank you.

Ann: We’ll say that again for type twos. You’re own the right track.

Jean: It’s exciting.

Carol: And thank you so much Ann.

Ann: You bet.

Jean: Thank you.

Carol: Done a beautiful job.

Ann: You’re welcome, thank you.

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