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How to Be Soft & Powerful at Work: Gina’s Before & After

Can your softness be a strength in a professional career?

You’re simply you: a naturally quiet person. You tend to be softer in your introverted energy and personality. But when you’re in a structured, professional environment, you feel the need to exert yourself more.

Quite frankly? This is an exhausting way to live! This is exactly how Gina felt for much of her life.

Gina was raised in a family that operated in more of a swift-moving, extrovert energy we call Type 3 energy. Because of this push from her family members, she assumed that she was a Type 3 as well.

But when she discovered that she’s a soft and subtle Type 2 woman, she realized that she doesn’t have to come across as tough in order to be successful in the business world.

This amazing Before & After is all about accepting yourself and letting yourself show up in your truth.

How can you tap into your true energy? What “aha” moment did you get while watching this video? Share a comment!

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Video Transcript

Gina: I am from Mexico City. I live in Puebla. It’s a big city, two hours from Mexico City. So I come from a very strong Type 3 family and well, I always assumed that’s what I was supposed to be. It always felt kind of off like there was something missing, but I also assume it was my fault and now that I get my 2-ness, it’s like I’m home. It’s peaceful and guess what? There’s nothing wrong with me. So it’s great. It’s great. I have no words and I wish every woman in the planet had the chance to, you know, find herself. It’s wonderful. I lost over 30 pounds last year, so now I feel like the little girl with a new doll and you want to dress the doll. So it’s always fun to be able to dress and to put on clothes that before you thought you couldn’t.

I still have that fat image in my head and that’s not me. There’s a lot of friends who followed me with the diet and they have the same problem. We don’t change our image and that happens to a lot of us. We lose weight physically, but we don’t lose it here, so it’s more about, I think, accepting ourselves. The problem comes because we don’t accept ourselves.

Carol: Well, I have a wonderful woman to introduce you to today, Gina, who is a beautiful Type 2 soft, subtle woman. Welcome to the show, Gina.

Gina: Thank you.

Carol: It’s nice to have you.

Gina: It’s great to be here.

Carol: Now you shared that a lot of things have been revealed to you about who you are, but you’re still kind of…how I would say, you’ve kind of got one foot in the truth, this is who I am, and the other foot still in the old world of the old energy, the energy of the life, the perception of who you thought you were and how you were supposed to live life. For Type 2 women, when you’re pushing through life, when you’re trying to exert your energy, your body takes a big hit, but your energy is so powerful, it will soften everyone around you. Because as you’re intense, you engage their intensity, and now there’s this intense energy coming kind of back and forth. Your energy is that powerful and imagine it kinda throwing it out there and everybody’s experiencing that softer power and they’ll soften. You affect them that way. I know you’re like most Type 2 women that Anne is someone you really appreciate. Let’s meet Anne.

Carol: So you have been dressing your truth for a while, where are you feeling challenged still?

Gina: Every time I have a business meeting and I have to go into that structured business world where I have to dress up, I’m still struggling. Everyone dresses in black and very structure, suits, and that’s when I don’t know if I should dress true to my nature or how can I still respect that and still blend in. That’s my struggle right now.

Anne: So you mentioned when you were chatting with Carol that you feel like you’re wearing a costume. We definitely don’t want you to feel like you have to wear that. We want you to feel that you can wear your Type 2 movement and feel comfortable and powerful. I’m really excited about this look. I’ve chosen a great charcoal grey skirt, so this will be replacement for black and it’s a nice tailored cut. When you’re going into that more professional look, that’s kind of where we’ll go into the more tailored fitted look, even though the Type 2 two movement is a soft and flowing, we’ll bring elements of that in, but a little more structure, but a soft structure so it still feels comfortable. So you can feel that this has a nice stretch to it, it’ll feel comfortable. You won’t feel like you’re trapped! Because I know that won’t last. You’ll get home and throw it all off, but this you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll be able to feel connected to your heart because you’re presenting that movement.

Then we’ve paired it with this really lovely soft, white top. It’s going to be more fitted, but then it has this soft draping cowl neck. I love that. And then we need to add our details so we’ve got this beautiful scarf, with a nice colorful pattern. It’s going to bring in some of the grays and also connect that white and just bring it all together. Then for the shoe, we’ve put this beautiful soft pink pump with the added knot detail, and then for jewelry we’re going to just go with the silver and match this scrolls and swirls in the scarf with the lines in the bracelet and then the earrings, and then you like the longer necklace. You’re drawn to that already, so we’re going to replace it with silver since you’re doing some gold and a more blended and connected design line.

So I’ll just show you with the style guide, how nice this looks, the patterns and this is an elegant and powerful look. Notice I’m not saying elegant, but powerful because as you’ve chatted with Carol, that elegant, soft movement is powerful, and so being comfortable and connected and feeling that you can really present yourself in a powerful way, but being true to yourself in these softer lines will be great for you.

Gina: Oh, that’s wonderful. Thank you. Can’t wait.

Carol: Are you excited?

Gina: Very, very much so.

Carol: Well, we’re glad you’re here.

Gina: I’m so glad to be here. Thank you.

Carol: Thank you, Anne.

Anne: My pleasure. So fun.

Carol: Fabulous choices for Gina. So let’s get started.

Carol: Well Anne, I think Gina looks lovely.

Anne: Amazing.

Carol: Yeah, I mean they’re so subtle, the differences that make. Because we had said earlier, such big changes to bring out that softness. What do you love most about her look?

Anne:That she looks comfortable, really settled in who she is.

Carol: Well, let’s invite her out so everyone can see the beauty of soft, subtle Gina. I love that you have a big smile on your face. It’s bigger than ever. Is face hurting because it’s smiling so much?

Gina: A little bit, but I like it.

Carol: What do you love about what you’re seeing now?

Gina: I feel at ease and that’s great. Like I said, I do feel comfortable.

Carol: I feel that with you. I feel just a calmness about you now. Anne, share the little… You’ve put together the accessories quite nice to have that professional look. Go ahead and share what you’ve done.

Anne: We wanted to be sure to show the beautiful lines in the neck and then a little bit of a hint of the necklace. And so rather than doing a classic, you know, a lot of the scarf right here, we pulled it down to accentuate the lines here and just, your beautiful figure and to match the more tailored design line in the skirt and still adding that beautiful color, the softness, the elongated movement, and I just think it pulls in the skirt and the top so nicely along with the little pop of color in the shoes, the subtle detail there and the beautiful silver accents in the earring, and bracelet and necklace.

Carol: Do you feel you could go to a professional meeting in this?

Gina: Totally.

Carol: Hold your own?

Gina: Yes.

Carol: They’re going to pay attention

Gina: And pull out the calm energy like we told you.

Carol: That’s right. Wrap everybody in the calmness.

Anne: You know what, your presence like you mentioned, you feel at ease and comfortable. You have that self-confidence and as you let that shine, rather than trying to think about it too much or prove yourself, then people will respect that and they respond to that and say, this woman knows who she is. And so I better listen because she’s got something good to say.

Carol: I’ve never thought of this, Anne, but you wear elongated necklaces that land in the heart center.They drop down.

Anne: I was just saying she was describing that. Look at all this attention here right by your heart and that’s where you’re supposed to go. And the movement. It’s a downward movement, so that is interesting that we go…we drop down into our heart. That downward movement.

Carol: Yeah. Just like your movement in the jewelry you wear, it all means something. It’s not just a scarf. It’s your truth.

Gina: No, it’s true. Yeah. It feels like home. It feels safe.

Carol: As you dress your truth, they’re all affirmations. You dress in affirmation. I’ve said that for several years now. Every day is a process of affirming yourself as you dress. Now you can do that in your world as a professional woman, and it will be fabulous to see what shows up for you because your energy brings things to you. It draws it to your world, and so allow that and see what shows up and keep in touch and let us know.

Gina: I will.

Carol: We would love to hear an update.

Gina: Thank you very much.

Carol: You are welcome. Thank you.

Gina: Thank you.

Carol: Thank you. You are wonderful.

Ann: It’s been a pleasure and it’s been such a good reminder for me because it is a daily practice to as a Type 2 woman to get out of thinking too much and really focus on your natural strengths, which is your heart, and so thank you for that reminder to me.

Gina: Thank you.

Carol: Thanks for watching everyone, continue to live your truth.

Gina: I feel great. I feel very comfortable and like I am very excited but I’m calm at the same time, so it’s really nice.

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