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How to Get a Minimal Makeup Look & a Dramatic Look (with the Same Products)

Here's 2 different ways to use your Makeup Starter Kit!

Have you gotten your own Makeup Starter Kit yet?

Ladies, it has exactly what you need to go from a minimal makeup look all the way to a dramatic, evening look!

Watch the video for your Type of beauty and see each of the DYT Experts walk you through these two great looks using colors expertly selected for you!*

Type 1 Makeup Starter Kit: Jaleah shares a special secret bonus way to use one of the eyeshadow colors.

  • (1:07) Minimal, (4:14) Dramatic

Type 2 Makeup Starter Kit: Anne shares her must-have tools for getting that smokey, romantic look.

  • (1:18) Minimal, (6:46) Dramatic

Type 3 Makeup Starter Kit: Sarah’s look is speedy and dynamic—just what you Type 3 rockstars want.

  • (0:44) Minimal, (3:29) Dramatic

Type 4 Makeup Starter Kit: Kalista goes into great detail about how to get that extra drama in your eyes.

  • (1:15) Minimal, (6:12) Dramatic

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Now learn about tools & foundation with these tutorials:

*Colors and brushes are subject to change based on availability.

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