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Introducing: The New Beginner’s Guide to Dressing Your Truth!

We just got a makeover! Come take a look.

Dressing Your Truth just got an update!

Have you seen the new Beginner’s Guide? Today’s special broadcast will show you what’s new and how these changes will support you in dressing and living your truth!

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(5:00) – Anne and I begin to take you through a tour of the free Beginner’s Guide. You’ll see updated videos from our Experts and simple ways to digest the basic information of DYT.

(17:30) – I open up about how much this program has changed not only my life, but also the lives of thousands of women who finally come home to themselves when they find DYT. They are learning how to step out of the shame-based beauty culture as they discover the truth of who they are!

(25:00) – We show you the fastest way to share DYT with your friends and family! Use this chart here.

(25:45) – We take live answers from our viewers, such as, “Will the Men’s Course be free as well?” and “How do I help family members decide on their Energy Type?” And more!

Ready to experience the new and improved Dressing Your Truth?

Start your free Beginner’s Guide today!
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