The Perfect Type 2 Makeover When You’ve Lost Yourself

Pam feels like she lost herself years ago.

Being a professional in the construction industry, she’s a yin energy in a yang environment!

Hear Pam share how she felt she needed to be more bold and put herself out there more. (And notice how soft and sweet her voice is! Such a Type 2 quality.)

At first, Pam says she never would have chosen the outfit that we encouraged her to consider. That all changed once she tried it on and fell in love with it!

Like so many of us before DYT, she acquired a lot of do’s and don’ts for herself. She trained her eye to only see herself in darker colors, like black.

Now she’s ready to love her subtle, soft nature and show the world who she is!

Rediscover the real you! I’m ready to support you.

“I feel so soft!” —Pam, Type 2 woman


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