Perfect-Pairings Makeup Looks (with New Items and Some of Your Old Favorites!)

+ Get Carol's two-blush tip for an instant facelift!

Are you stuck in a makeup routine that feels a bit too familiar?

It’s time for a refreshing update of your beauty routine (without reinventing the wheel). Embrace the new while cherishing your old favorites for a perfect blend of familiarity and excitement.

Having go-to makeup items is convenient, but it’s easy to fall into a beauty rut. Let’s break free from the monotony and discover the perfect pairings of classic and new makeup items. You don’t have to start from scratch – incorporate fresh items into your routine while maintaining your comfortable relationship with timeless favorites.

For a quick tip on an instant facelift, check out Carol’s Type 3 video at (1:13), where she reveals her two-blush trick. It’s a game-changer!

Share your longtime makeup favorites with us! Are you ready to spice things up with something new?

We eliminate the guesswork, allowing you to wear your makeup with confidence. Explore new looks with easy-to-master techniques, quality products, and the right tools. Achieving mastery in makeup is within reach for everyone!

It all begins with the basics – foundation, primer, and the right tools. Having the correct brushes and knowing how to use them properly makes all the difference.

Watch the video for your beauty Type (or all four for extra tips) as your DYT Expert guides you through a makeup look that seamlessly combines new items with your tried-and-true favorites. Revitalize your makeup routine and embrace a fresh, confident look!

Type 1 – Dazzle with Jaleah’s playful pairing of sparkling purple and vibrant pink.

  • (1:06) Cheeks, (1:42) Eyes, (5:20) Lips

Type 2 – Venture into the deep with Anne’s pleasant pairing of deep green and dreamy purple.

  • (1:10) Eyes, (9:27) Cheeks, (9:44) Lips

Type 3 – Strut your stuff with Carol’s powerful pairing of peacock blue and warm brown.

  • (2:40) Eyes, (8:08) Cheeks, (9:38) Lips

Type 4 – Feel the chill with Kalista’s polished pairing of frosty green and berry pink.

  • (1:03) Eyes, (9:08) Cheeks, (11:02) Lips

What new items will you mix in with your classic favorites?

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Makeup is meant to support and accentuate your beauty. When applied in harmony with your natural movement and energy, it won’t overpower you. You should be getting all the attention, not your makeup.

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