Shopping Tendencies For Type 2 Women

How to tell if you're a "details" shopper!

In my Energy Profiling system, more women mis-Type themselves as a Type 2 then any other Energy Type. In fact, over the past few months we’ve moved over 600 women who previously classified themselves as Type 2s into their correct Energy Type.

We’ve helped these women make this transformation with our new Truthbomb sessions where I offer Type confirmation support to those who are stuck and need assistance in profiling themselves so they can move forward in dressing and living their truth. We do this every first Tuesday of the month and it’s open to all Lifestyle members.

I’ve been teaching and practicing the principles of Dressing Your Truth for over 18 years. One of those principles is how to use the tendencies associated with your Energy Type to your advantage while shopping. In this post, I talk about the shopping tendencies of Type 2 women.

The Importance Of Following Your Natural Shopping Tendencies

Your shopping habits are a big function of determining your Type. There are different behavior tendencies that come instinctually from your nature. When you’re not consciously thinking about who you are or who you should be, you allow those natural tendencies to blossom and bring out the real you. When you fight or go against those tendencies, it shows in your appearance and the energy you express.

Whenever I see a woman that looks significantly older than she really is, I know it’s because she isn’t dressing her truth. It might be her hairstyle, makeup, or the clothes she’s wearing, but something is drastically wrong for her Type of expression.

We can fix that.

The Type 2 Shopper

Type 2 Energy is soft, subtle, relaxed, and calming. It flows downward. A person with a Type 2 Energy has a more subtle quality in their expression. They may speak more quietly and move a bit more methodically than other people.

That methodical approach to life leads the Type 2 shopper to be very detail-oriented when making their fashion choices. But we need to understand and leverage the Type 2 shopper’s natural tendencies to bring out that fun feeling in a healthy way.

The 5 Shopping Tendencies of Type 2 Women

1. Type 2s pay attention to details.

When a Type 2 is shopping, they often ask themselves questions like “How does the garment feel“? They love to read reviews and even look at labels to better understand what they are buying.

2. Type 2s take time to decide if they like something.

After making a purchase, Type 2s often take some time even after bringing the item home to decide if they really like it. It’s not uncommon for Type 2s to even leave a tag on an item while evaluating if it was the right choice.

3. Type 2s can get overwhelmed.

Because they are so detail-oriented and want to know the intricacies of what they are purchasing, it’s easy for Type 2s to feel overwhelmed. This is particularly true when shopping online since there is a plethora of information available for them to consume.

4. Type 2s want to feel comfortable.

The first point of reference Type 2s use to decide whether to purchase something is if it feels comfortable to them. In the end, all of their detailed-focus is to help them make that decision.

5. Type 2s doubt their purchases.

Whether or not they made the right decision doesn’t end at the shopping register. Type 2s are questioning by nature and can easily question whether or not an item they purchased was a good decision.

Learn More About Your Energy Type & How To Be A Great Shopper

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These two tools will get you started on the right path to learn more! Take a deep dive into who you are as a person. Getting to know your Energy Type will help you find confidence and be your very best self.

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