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Summer Dresses For Women Over 50

Look your best and stay true to yourself this Summer!

Summertime often offers more outdoor activities centered around warm weather and sunshine. If you love the idea of a sundress but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading! I’ll be giving tips on how to look your best and stay true to yourself with your style this summer. Keep reading to find the perfect dress!

What are Sundresses?

Lightweight and breezy, sundresses are easy to slip on and make a great summer outfit. Most sundresses aren’t considered formal dress, but they are perfect for the beach, pool, park or any time when you want to feel cute and comfortable. Sundresses could include straps, short sleeve caps, puff sleeves, sleeveless cuts or even long sleeve styles. The skirt could be long, flowy, tight, short, asymmetrical (like a wrap dress) or boxy (like a t-shirt dress or shift dress).

You can still rock a sundress whenever you want to wear a casual outfit in the summer. Don’t let age, size or anything else hold you back from enjoying the styles you love.

4 Tips to Help You Find the Best Sundress for You

Not all sundresses are flattering for everyone. There are really no special rules for aging women. However, if you want to look stylish and put together, you can follow the standard rule of thumb for picking out clothing. Here are four things you will want to always consider when picking out a casual summer dress. You can also read my post on my favorite tips for women’s fashion over 50.

Choose Good Fabric

A good fabric will feel incredible and wash well. There are some fabrics that look cute but feel cheap. It can be really tricky to determine fabric quality if you are shopping online.

If you are specifically wanting to stay cool, choose fabrics that are lightweight and naturally breathable. Cotton, chambray and linen are top picks for natural fibers that make excellent fabric for sundresses. Rayon is also an option that might feel nice and look good. Be careful with polyester, some blends will wick sweat but others can feel like they’re trapping in heat and stopping the airflow.

Pick the Right Cut for Your Body Type

If you are familiar with your body type, it’s easier to choose cuts that play up your best features and balance out your proportions. Inverted trianglepear shapedapple shaped, hourglass, rectangular, wedge-there are so many different body shapes that are beautiful in different ways!

Deciding on whether to go with a midi dress or a maxi dress might depend on whether you want to show off your legs or accentuate your curves. A low v-neck with capped sleeves and a waist tie can be great on an apple or pear shape. Rectangular or oval body shapes can look great in an A-line sundress, t-shirt dress or empire waist, while strapless is a great cut for the hourglass figure.

There are really no strict rules, but you should think about where you tend to be proportionally imbalanced and use your clothing to visibly balance your look. Clothing offers an opportunity to direct the eye to your best features. However, the wrong clothing choice can feel uncomfortable or hug you in all the wrong places.

Know Your Energy Type

Dressing for your shape is important, but body type isn’t the only factor that determines the right look for you. If you haven’t already taken my Energy Type Quiz, you need to do it now! This quick quiz is just 8 questions long and will help you discover your Energy Type.

Your Energy Type explains a lot about how you act and approach the world. Knowing your Energy Type will help you choose a dress that really fits your personality and allows your inner self to shine through. In the section below, I will break down the perfect sundress based on the four Energy Types.

Dress for the Occasion

Finally, it’s also important to know your audience. Wearing a sundress to a black-tie event might not be the right move, while it would be ideal for a backyard wedding or summer gala event. And, while the pool, park or beach might be perfect for your lightest-weight sundress, it might not be comfortable at the mall or grocery store.

Think about what will make you comfortable and how attire expectations might change from event to event. As you pick out sundresses for your summer wardrobe, consider what occasions you would use the dress for and what might not be the right fit. And keep in mind that some sundresses can be dressed up with a cute bolero, blazer or cardigan. Add a jacket, shawl, snug capri pants or leggings to make your sundress adaptable for air-conditioned spaces or unexpectedly cool late summer evenings.

Perfect Summer Dresses for Women Over 50

The perfect sundress is going to show off your inner style and personality. Choose a casual dress that is flattering because it highlights your Energy Type. Here are four ideal sundresses based on Energy profiling for women over 50.

The Perfect Sundress for Type 1

The Type 1 is bubbly and lighthearted about most things in life. If you are Type 1, you will have a bright, animated energy. The perfect sundress for Type 1 women will be full of movement and not weigh you down.

Choose patterns that are random (hearts, dots, florals, stars, etc.) and not hard lines that feel structured. The best colors for the Type 1 are tinted slightly lighter by adding white, so look for sky blues, petal pinks and lilac. Your dress should hint at your fun and bright personality.

The Perfect Sundress for Type 2

A Type 2 is more calming and tends to go with the flow of things around them. Most Type 2s are considered to have an emotional connection to the world, and their energy moves inward as they figure out the people around them. The perfect summer dress for the Type 2 woman will show slow movement and express natural flow.

Choose patterns that are soft and connected to movement, like oversized florals, paisley, soft blended lines, abstract texture swirls, teardrops, blended shapes, connected shapes and more. The best colors for the Type 2 are blended with a little gray, like dusty blue, mauve, sage and lavender.

The Perfect Sundress for Type 3

Type 3s are passionate and active. If you are a Type 3, then you will naturally move in a “push-forward” way and inspire others to do the same. Type 3s are best defined by bold and fiery styles that display their dynamic personality. A Type 3 woman will look best in clothes that are not frumpy or soft because it conflicts with their personality. The right summer dress for the Type 3 woman will be substantial, asymmetrical and vibrant.

Look for patterns that show swift movements, like animal prints, abstract line movement and medium contrast. Sundresses can include mixtures of fabrics (like lace or mesh) to add another dynamic aspect ideal for the Type 3. Choose colors that are fiery or shaded slightly darker with black for a shaded look, like Siena orange, peacock blue, or mustard yellow.

The Perfect Sundress for Type 4

The Type 4 person is introspective and precise. You might be a Type 4 if you like a schedule and typically follow the rules. Type 4s shouldn’t wear clothing that is edgy or too flowy because it goes against their inner nature. Instead, the perfect sundress for the Type 4 woman will be structured and show clean lines that represent her straightforward nature.

Patterns for the Type 4 should include symmetry and repetition. Lines, geometrical shapes and oversized contrasting animal prints are ideal patterns for the Type 4 dress. Though typically reserved, Type 4s are often outspoken and the ideal sundress will make a statement. Choose pure colors that aren’t mixed with anything, like royal blue, pure yellow and violet, to reflect your bold personality.

How to Look & Feel Amazing This Summer

As a middle-aged woman, it’s important to avoid premature aging or looking older than you are. Mature women shouldn’t be restricted because of age, but you want to age gracefully and not look worn down or haggard. Here are some additional tips to keep your look youthful and fresh this summer.

Minimal Makeup: Don’t cake on the makeup or you will only age your face! Dark eye makeup isn’t the right move for summer. Look elegant and youthful with a light makeup approach this summer.

Summery Colors: While black, white and gray are classics, they often look stuffy in the summertime. Stick with colors for your Energy Type that are bright and summery for a more youthful vibe.

Fantastic Accessories: Looking for a classic accessory to add to your summer wardrobe? Try a simple stone necklace and matching studs, For Type 1, 2, and 4, pearls would be ideal. For Type 3, you’ll want a shape that is more substantial and less soft. Triangles and textured stones work great! Accessories based on your Energy Type can add some youthful flair that finishes your look perfectly.

Self-Care: Nothing will age you faster than neglecting yourself. Drink lots of water, moisturize your skin, protect your skin from the sun, exercise, eat a balanced diet, get plenty of sleep, spend time outside, set healthy boundaries, practice work-life balance, etc. And don’t just sporadically take care of yourself, make self-care an everyday part of your routine to avoid aging prematurely.

Energetic Mindset: Your mindset plays a huge role in the aging process. Check out these 10 affirmations for aging positively so you can shape your experience.

Aging happens to everyone, but you don’t have to be a victim of the process. When you age with purpose and have a vision for your future, you get to define how you age. How you age is a choice.

I hope you wear the sundress this summer and look your very best! No matter what age you are, you are valued, cherished and important. Learn how to look your best and feel good doing it! For more help finding the perfect style, discover your Energy Type by checking out my FREE Beginner’s Guide!

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