Save Time & Money with Our Updated Personal Shopping Service! #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

New updates to StyleInspire will help you shop with more ease!

Do you love shopping, or do you just tolerate it out of necessity?

No matter how you feel about shopping, we created the Dressing Your Truth personal shopping service, StyleInspire, to make your true-to-Type shopping experience even easier.

Our Lifestyle ladies love it! Per your request, we just made some great updates and improvements to StyleInspire that you’re going to love!

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(12:45) – I’m joined by Type 4 Expert, Kalista, to walk you through the newest features of StyleInspire! Find out why it’s such a valuable (and enjoyable) teaching tool that aligns seamlessly with the content we release in Lifestyle.

(29:50) – We take live questions from the audience, including, “Why do some of the Type 3 StyleInspire items have black or silver in them? How often do StyleInspire boards feature secondaries? Are you going to have winter/fall clothes boards for Type 1?”

(34:50) – A common question is, “How much does StyleInspire cost?” Believe it or not, StyleInspire is just one of the features included in your Lifestyle membership! Kalista and I share alllll the perks of Lifestyle, including free shipping, extra discount codes, exclusive content, and more!

(40:40) – Guess her Type! Welcome my guest, Sabrina, who’s calling in all the way from Switzerland. What Type do you think she is—based only on what she’s written? And watch her body language when she comes on camera!

Want some help personalizing your style?

Come check out StyleInspire and join Lifestyle today!

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