The Best Hairstyles For Your Type 4 Children

We tend to think about the hairstyles and clothing choices we want to see on our children as a reflection of us as parents. As they get older, it can even be difficult to let go and allow them to make those style choices on their own. However, allowing them to choose the right styles is an important part of their independence and self-discovery. Using their Energy Type to help them find the right hairstyle can make the process more successful.

Here is an explanation of how Energy Types impact our style choices and what to do for your Type 4 child.

What Does Your Energy Type Mean for Your Style?

Our inner feelings and personality can be reflected through our appearance. When we choose to present ourselves a certain way, it makes it easier for those around us to understand where we are coming from. Fashion is how we make a first impression and express ourselves.

The Four Energy Types define who we are and how we respond to the world. Each Type should have a different approach to style that helps define who they are. While there aren’t hard and fast rules, knowing your Energy Type can help you clarify the styles that best fit you.

When it comes to kids, the same rules apply. Are you considering your child’s own personality in their style?

Reflect on your child’s Energy Type to help draw out their true nature into their appearance. You can help your child increase their confidence and comfort level by helping them choose a hairstyle to match their personality.

What is the Type 4 Child?

The Type 4 child is the more serious child. Their natural element is ground, and their shapes are squares or rectangles. This child is bold, precise and appreciates structure in life. They are very stubborn and difficult to move if they dig in their heels.

The Type 4 child takes a more intellectual and thought-out approach to life. They are very particular about how they do things because everything holds deep meaning to them. When it comes to hair, they will have an opinion, and it will matter deeply to them.

The Type 4 is the opposite of go-with-the-flow. They struggle if things aren’t planned, organized and clearly defined. This is not the right kid for a “bead head” look, and they won’t appreciate a loosely defined look. Instead, follow these tips for a structured look that helps affirm their inner desire for order. The Type 4 child tends to feel anxious when their hair is out of place or doesn’t turn out the way they expected it to look.

How to Find the Ideal Hairstyle for the Type 4 Child

When choosing the right look for the Type 4 child, think bold looks and straight lines. Here are five tips for finding the right hairstyle.

Let Them Experiment to Find the Right Look

You may find your Type 4 wants a haircut or hairstyle but then immediately wants something different. If they change their mind, it’s likely because it didn’t turn out how they thought it would. Try to be patient with the Type 4 as they try to figure out the right fit for them. You may have to let them try several different things before they find the look they like.

Work with your Type 4 to support them. This is going to be a very important thing for your Type 4 child. They really care about how they look and will want to have a say in their appearance.

Think Clean Lines

When choosing a haircut or style, think about lines and boxy shapes. For a shorter haircut, try a straight-lined part with a neatly combed-over top. For girls, try a straight part with long hair and very few layers. If you do need to layer the hair to reduce thickness, try having the hairdresser use a razor to create fine layers that blend into the length of the hair, keeping the straight bottom edge.

You can also go for straight bangs and a blunt cut for a little girl—framing her face with a box-like shape. The hair could come just to the shoulders or right below. For boys or girls, you could also try a variation of a pixie cut with longer layers creating a flat cut across the bottom (almost like a bowl cut with a more blended back and parted off to the side).

Smooth Fades

If your daughter or son wants to have some or all of their hair short, try a smooth fade. You can still keep quite a bit of length on top, or you can go pretty short. The barber can start with a slightly longer length on top and go to a very short buzz near the bottom. That smooth transition of hair creates a smooth line that works really well for many Type 4s.

Try a Controlled Updo

Type 4 children with longer hair may want their hair pulled back. Try doing an updo that isn’t loose or flowy. A tight ponytail may be their go-to hairstyle. A neat bun can also flatter this child’s gathered personality. French braids are another potential hairstyle your Type 4 child may love.

Most Type 4s are willing to sit still in order to get the look they want. For the updo, you may find that your Type 4 wants to add the perfect accessory. They’ve probably already planned to add their favorite bow, clip, scrunchie or hat with their hairstyle.

Go for Bold Looks

Just because Type 4s aren’t the “wild child” doesn’t mean they are automatically timid either. The Type 4 child is often strong-willed and likes to have a bold approach to their style. You can totally give them the bold hairstyles they say they want. Try out new things, like cut designs or bold colors. For Type 4, deep colors align with their personality type, so try a dark purple, blue or even neons (like hot pink) if your child wants to try a creative color.

Adding a bold element to your Type 4 child’s hair may help them feel more seen in the world. For the Type 4, deep contemplation can sometimes cause them to be pushed aside by the other Types who are often more passionate and quick to act (especially Type 2 and Type 3).

Supporting Your Child with Energy Type Parenting

Your Type 4 child is a deep thinker with a very mindful approach to life. Help them learn how to loosen up without demanding they let go of their natural groundedness. If you are not a Type 4 parent, you may find it is hard to have patience with the slow, methodical and predictable approach of the Type 4 child. You can read more about parenting based on your child’s Energy Type in my book The Child Whisperer.

I help people of all ages and walks of life figure out the right style to best express their inner selves. I take the guesswork out of the process! For more help with discovering your personal style or the right style for your child, check out Dressing Your Truth.

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