Top 5 Must-Have Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

These tips will make you feel glamorous & fearless

How do you feel about makeup? Do you love it? Do you avoid it? Personally, I love it! Makeup can be a powerful tool that gives you the confidence to live your truth and proudly own your unique beauty.

But as your skin ages, you may find that your usual makeup routine doesn’t work like it used to when you were in your 30’s.

Here’s an honest story: I was not very good at applying makeup pre-DYT. It turned out it wasn’t me—I just wasn’t using the correct products and techniques true to my Type. I apply my makeup swiftly with a heavier hand because I’m a Type 3! But when applied this way with the incorrect colors and products, makeup felt heavy, cakey, and fake! (And no one wants that.)

Once I learned a few new tips to work with my changing skin, I saw a huge difference in my makeup skills right away!

You will too!

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Here are 5 important makeup tips to help you fall in love with your skin again!

Tip #1: Start with a clean canvas.

You might think the first step is to put on foundation, but wait—you’ll want to nourish your face with a natural moisturizer before anything else. I love the Hydrating Face Moisturizer from my Anti-Aging Skin Care Line.

Then it’s time for the Retextur Creme Face Primer—just one pump is enough to help minimize pores and give you a smooth, clean finish for your foundation. It helps your makeup stay on longer and keeps your skin from looking “cakey” or dry.

Now it’s time for your foundation. This is super important! When you were younger, you may have gotten away with skipping foundation, but make this step a regular part of your routine.

You’ll notice that your foundation looks so much better now that you’ve added the moisturizer and primer.

Toni, Type 3

Tip #2: Crepey Skin? Matte colors matter.

If you have crepey skin on your eyelids, here’s a makeup tip you’ll love: choose a matte finish for your main eyeshadow colors. Remember, you can still add a pop of color with shimmer to highlight your eyes—but using a matte color as your base will help your eyes look more smooth and plump.

Extra tip: use the Retextur Creme Face Primer on your eyes as well to help minimize crepiness.

Beth, Type 1

Tip #3: Blush is a must!

The color of your skin tends to lighten and fade as you age, so be sure to add a hint of pretty blush on your cheeks every day. This touch of makeup helps you look and feel fresh and vibrant.

Extra tip: a little goes a long way! Be sure to blend well with a good blush brush so it looks natural and glowy.

Renee, Type 4

Tip #4: Define your brows.

Brows can become less defined as you age, so give them some support by enhancing them with brow powder. That’s right—brow powder looks more natural than a bold brow pencil. The powder will give your brows a soft, yet defined look.

Extra tip: When your brows have the correct shape, they’ll frame your face and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. This tutorial will help you get started.

Brenda, Type 1

Tip #5: Embrace your beautiful face.

…That includes your lines, texture, and age spots.

While makeup will help enhance your natural beauty, it’s never meant to cover up or alter the natural movement and expression of who you are.

After many years of hating the way I looked, I decided to fully embrace my face. Now, I no longer say the “W” word. (Psst…I’ll say it here so you know what that is: wrinkles!)

That’s right—I love my face because it’s an outer expression of the Energy Type I lead with. Because of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I have helped thousands of women (just like YOU) discover who they truly are and accept themselves.

Makeup Over 50 Before And After
Andrea, Type 4

Watch Andrea’s Full Before & After. She’s a stunning Type 4 woman whose bold beauty now feels grounded and honored. Notice the way her makeup supports her natural movement and makes her look more vibrant.

I invite you to start your Before & After that will give you confidence for the rest of your life.


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