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Why I Never Say the W-Word

In the early days of creating Dressing Your Truth, I did a lot of research about how the psychology of fashion and beauty has negatively affected us as women. In my study, I looked for words used for decades that had a negative reference to our body and appearance.

One of those words that I vowed to never use in my Dressing Your Truth content is the word “wrinkles.”

I remember the A-ha I had the day I realized that every skincare company pitches their products using a young, attractive Type 4 skincare model with porcelain skin to convince me to buy their product, with the hope I would have skin like hers.

It was a freeing moment to realize that my Type 3 skin would never look like hers—nor did it need to for me to be beautiful!

I realized that day that I needed to accept the skin God gave me, work with it to keep it as healthy and vital as I could, and it would never be porcelain! Rather, it would be beautifully dynamic, expressing more texture and deeper lines and creases!

How do you talk about your own skin?

I don’t know a woman who has ever said, “I love my wrinkles,” or “Oh, good. I am getting more wrinkles!”

How many times have you referred to the lines and movement in your face as wrinkles?

We have been taught that any lines we naturally express in our faces (true to our Energy Type) are BAD, and we need to correct, eliminate, or hide them in order to be beautiful. But it’s not true! We’ll feel more confident by accepting and caring for our unique skin, rather than trying (and failing) to turn it into something it can never be.

The words I choose to use instead

I refer to skin features using accurate words with a more neutral reference:

  • Facial lines
  • Deeper creases
  • Texture
  • Movement

The truth is, as we mature and age, we all will have more facial lines, movement and deeper creases in our face and other areas of our body. Some of us more than others.

I invite you to let go of the word wrinkle from your vocabulary. When you look in the mirror, please see the great character and beauty your face expresses, true to your Type of beauty.

Care for your unique Type of skin

In accepting your unique facial movement, learn to take care of your skin so it maintains its vitality and health.

I recently partnered with Annmarie Skin Care to teach you about the 4 Types of Skin, so like me, you can let go of thinking you should have different skin and complexion than you have.

Annmarie was my guest at an Evening With Carol, which is a great place to start to learn about your Type of skin. I personally recommend her product line that she introduced to us that night.

My team and I will continue to produce content to help you care for your skin so you can optimize its health and keep yourself looking beautiful every day—facial lines and all!

Love your skin. Love your appearance. Love Yourself.


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